What happens with items from SAGA?

Hi there.

What happens with all the items and gold from SAGA server?

I have 0 spots free to play my SAGA char on Crom after SAGA is closed.
So what happens with all items and gold? Do they stay on my SAGA char and are lost?


The character with all the Gold/items/relics and whatever more you have will be transferred to Crom and you will get a character spot for that character in Crom. You will not lose anything, but you will go from having lets say 2 open slots for your characters to have 3 open, the Saga toon being one of them.

Regarding the Saga server, it will be gone by the 15th of may, so everything that is not a toon will be gone/Lost.

Thanks for the fast answer.

Damn…then I will have 2 TOSSES:
1 with not so good gear but 7/12 wb’s down and 1 with good gear and 0 wb’s. :wink:

The only thing that I will get twice is the T6 weapon or not?

All the Saga Quest Rewards are supposed to be given as 1 time claims for any one character on our account once Saga Closes.

anyone know about the vanity armour from saga quest? will that be available for crom character to claim?

Yes, all reward of what was classified on journal as “Saga Quest” will be claimed on second Crom toon, this include vanity, T6 neck and T6 weapon