Hi i like the new sever

please make more these servers like this I think they help the game come back. have you guys ever try too do a Double exp event I think that will help a lot. and thank you for the new sever


As a result of creation of such server we have 2 dead servers without any activity.

Do you really consider that this 1 server is better than previous 2?

Do you really want to start from scratch every time on the next temporary server?

Do you understand that your progress in this case isn’t preserved, your character will be transferred to the Crom, where you can’t play and can’t use your rewards, as it is happens right now, because it is a desert without any activity?

Are you know that you can get T6 weapon on Crom faster then on Saga?

This Saga it is just like a merge of Fury and Crom, coz it collect players from both servers.

This merge it is the fact that players want and ask to make developers for many years.

All events like this Saga can be done on Crom without any problems and creating new servers, without scattering players on temporary servers.

Just new character created on Crom would receive this quest “Saga of Zath” with timer 5 month or every timer you want. We already have same quests with timer on PvP festival.

I do not think that these temporary servers will help to increase online of this game in general. In my guild online about 40 people in prime time, but I haven’t found any new player, all of them are my old acquaintances. We are recruting in Global chat every 2-5 minites, but haven’t any newbie.

Who knew about that this new server will be opened?
Only current community of AoC, only players who are currently playing and some vets who check guild/official site/forum.
No new players could learn about its existence. In connection with the lack of advertising on the necessary information resources.

Euphoria passes quickly, but the subsequent bitterness remains for a long time.

I have 12 charasters of lvl 80 in this game. 8 of them is on 10 pvp level, rest 4 is on 8 and 9 pvp. Currently I can’t find any single minigame on any of 3 servers.

Enjoy your 19 minigames for a few days, before daily rewards put you on lvl 20. Good luck.

Thats what you ask for.

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yeah, the new server is awesome. I like the “fresh start experience” and im happy to see so much ppl online :slight_smile:

Would be nice if we could create more than one character on the Saga-server. :alien:


Well it is a lot more crowded than Crom has been in years.

ALL characters will transfer to Crom at server end, so Crom won’t be deserted anymore and your progress & level will be preserved so it’s not like you’ve lost anything playing on Saga.

Getting everyone to start lvl 1 characters and start fresh wouldn’t happen if this was done on Crom.

The word must have gotten out some how, because I have both helped and talked to brand new players daily while playing on Saga. I haven’t bothered to look, but it’s possible Steam had an announcement too.

NOTE: It is being advertised on STEAM, I saw it today.


Revisiting a place i thought i had left behind. The fresh start is what drew me in. Doing the dungeons, levelling, getting the panoramas and finding bits i never saw before…

I find myself… having fun!

I also realize that what i love about the game is this, the sixmans, the levelling. Raids are totally not what i want to do. So, old toons are retired from active duty.

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I’m enjoying the Saga server too, despite the fact, that I don’t like solo levelling more than one char. I simply like doing the old 6-mans and group quests with players on my level. On Crom it was hard enough to fill a Purist group even if you levelled with a friend as tank + heal combo and finding anyone for outdoor group quests like in Conall’s Valley was impossible.

I would even go one step further and create an Epic-only Saga server where solo instances of all playfields are deactivated and the number of quests reduced to just the most important ones but on the other hand all xp-gain is increased.

Still, Aett has a point: FC shouldn’t start one Saga server after another or Crom and Fury will be dead forever and the game will suffer from that. I’m not sure which interval would be best but certainly not more than two Saga servers per year with at least 3 month of non-Saga time in-between. Maybe even just one per year.

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Awesome Job Funcomm,

You guys actually did something that has been very successful. In fact, there are tons of returning players and new players. The servers are packed, its so fun to play and everyone is playing the content - Dungeons PVP etc…

Hopefully you get more memberships and cash shop sales so that you can put some money into designing a new raid, 6 mans and some more Saga. This is the best thing you have done in awhile - Congratulations.


It was advertised on many sites, here’s a few:

Massively OP

Those aren’t the only ones there were more. There were even some foreign sites but new users can only post 2 links so I can’t direct to them.

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Due to the raid finder it will probably be no different to Crom in a few weeks but for now it’s fun.

Any future saga server should skip the levelling process unless it’s PvP server. Hardly anyone wants to do it, it’s like in Diablo seasons where everyone just whines to be boosted in chat. Part of that problem is that nothing you do before 80 is relevant at 80.

Seasonal servers aren’t really a bad idea but to continue with it it will need some gimmick or something to differentiate itself from current servers.


Hopefully will not turn out that way

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It’s also being advertized on Facebook, where I saw it, and decided to return here after an 8 year absence. :wink:

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I am the same I only returned to this after 8 odd years because this saga server opened - if it didn’t open I probably would not be here.

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I have to agree that it sucks that Crom and Fury are both effectively dead until the Saga folk get merged into Crom. I basically am limited to one character now if I ever want to play minigames/6mans. Nobody does 6mans on Crom, and minigames never pop. Crom is effectively dead, and Fury is not only dead, but rotted.


I have been in AoC from the beginning (6 month after it started), And been playing it constantly I have 4 active games (over a 100 characters, two-third are 80s) and attempted to enjoy content I prefer, so do not roam over every part of the game. I not a big Raid fan, though done plenty, but the best Character attempt is full T2 gear and only got T3 on 2 alts, because the flood of points after we lost off-line levelling was ended, gave me enough to buy the T3 stuff, otherwise I not be interested in it, plus I have more fun just struggling with Char in enchanted gear, I here to play the game, not become full T6 and not one place in game is a danger to my char; in theory.

Conan Exiles at least has the right idea of danger, the foe is a constant danger and it is not this white trash that cannot scratch you and the 80s have a small selection of places to go.

Instead of Saga servers, create more maps, Zamora, Black Kingdoms, extend Turan, Hyrkania.

Stop making maps; where I need to be full T6 to win a fight!

And more solo dungeon, I do enjoy “Shadow of Vanaheim,” entering place as either solo or in group which the area adapts to the amount in the group is great, more of that for new dungeons would be (dare I repeat myself) Great!

Still, even though I am enjoying the saga server, I have so much to do on Crom, it is becoming exhausting to rush through the saga server to return to Crom to get a few characters up-level and losing time to do other thing, it is more a strain than fun, but still trying to get to 80 on saga.

But for example I now have 27 character in each of my games. If a Saga server is at least once a year, and last another 10 year, I am expecting 10 more free characters to this list and this is also not including ideas of, as was given; the free 80 we got only a short while ago? Seems like a lot of computer space being used?

Well I best stop, If I had my way; a Conan game should have heroes running around in a loincloth and a broadsword (possible broken 1 foot from hilt) in their hand, not T6 gear!


I like it too so far :slight_smile:


Wonderbra. Approved and encouraged. :ok_hand:

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This game should start following the Warcraft route. First Expansion to come out would be a start of a storyline or perhaps new history. Something to give AoC uniqueness, perhaps make cutscenes and all that â– â– â– â–  to make things interesting. Basically more story content with more player and npc interaction. Argh you know what I mean.

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