A bit prejudice FUNCOM is

Came back from vacations to NOTHING. Thank You for changing the decay timers. After doing some research as to why the decay timers were extended in the first place was to accommodate the weeks off that many Europeans countries get to enjoy. Meanwhile it can take years before people in other countries to get a holiday that is even a week or two. Very inconsiderate of FUNCOM and very Selfish to grant some people in countries a break with the decay timers, and have ZERO considerations for others. If you make an exception for some then make them for all, or not at all. I have no motivation to play this game after 7 hours of game play since I logged on and seen all my hard work and efforts to be taken away by FUNCOM. Its really great game, I enjoyed up until this point, but it needs better support, and need people to make better decisions. Maybe some time in the future I will come come back.

Its been fun


There needs to be a global cross-server log-in MOTD (Message of the Day) for official servers, with important "heads-up"information i.e. “Welcome <player.name>! We will be setting decay back to default on the <server.local.date>.”

Quit after seven hours? That’s not even a full work day :joy:
If it was in the hundreds of hours I might get it. Obviously this type of game is not for you.

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This is quite possibly the dumbest post on these forums and that’s saying something. They didnt have to extend the timer at all. Be thankful they did. How arrogant are you that you think Funcom should check in on when you want to take vacation?

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In general I understand the complaint but other companies do it too. It’s normal. I played Hearthstone for thousands of hours. You know, this Blizzard ‘children card game’. There are cosmetics like card backs. Chinese got a shiny all gold card back exclusively and NA/USA got a nice card back which you only get if you’re a student at an American university and registered with the Tespa. No chance for us Europeans unless you buy them for a couple of hundred Euros on Ebay.

Heh, yeah of course that’s not feasible. But I’ll take this chance to re-iterate my absolute preference when it comes to all things decay: The ability to occasionally extend your own decay timer. That way people could take vacations and trips when they wanted, without having to have the decay timer run into crazy numbers for everyone, all the time.

I do realize it’s probably (as in, almost certainly) not possible.


I don’t think you understand what prejudice is.

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He is stating that each country has differnt times when people take holidays not each country is the same therefore why should they have there bases decay etc when other countries due to there holidays are covered by extended decay. I agree it should be changed to each country as each country is differnt. But also depends on the server some servers u have players from 6 differnt countries how do u make it fair to all 6?

Have to take into consideration why the decay timers were implemented in the first place.
Does the word “abandonment” have any meaning?

Obviously the concept had meaning, especially on a PvE server (including official ones) where destruction of player structures is not possible.

Without decay, you would never be able to claim a spot held by a defunct clan or player.

As for bias, look it’s more complicated than just basing it on time zone. Take Australia or South America… Their summer break isn’t for a few months. Will they get the same considerations? Heck, can we all get an extra week decay time come Christmas/New years?

The trurh is, 6 days is rough. However, if you know you will go on and extended vacation, prepare ahead of time. Carry what basic supplies you’ll need to rebuild. This way, if your base decays you can rebuild. It’s really that simple.

I don’t think they realize this isn’t Star Wars either since the thread topic sounds like Yoda :stuck_out_tongue:

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This explains this thread:

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Bring a very valid point you do, yes.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 7 hours?
Good bye!

You play alone at a very casual rate and use an 24/24 online server ? Well… Goodbye.

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