Funcom! - Please move Decay up longer then 1 week as standard. And thx for the vacation decay - it worked!

Hello Funcom.

First of all this nice Statistic - It covers the Average Holidays taken in Europe. Please look:

As you can see we are mainly at max 2 weeks! I presume it is taken vacation lengh. So on holiday trips - gone from cumputer is probably less.

Your Vacation Decay Timer had been very helpful. Else my complete Constructions would not have made it during my holiday.

Unfortunatly Holidays ( School) of my kids last longer then only first week of August. They go to September 13th. in Germany.
So example - i am gone from 1st September to 8 st Setember. 350 hours of building in Conan destroyed.
How big are my chances to remotivate if i know that buildings will be gone again next vacation time christmas?
Again it would be in christmas a trip for sure to mountains within a week.

I did hope that after Funcom also being on vacation they remember that most of us take 1 week on trips.

So my request would be to not resete back to 1 week. Go please slightly over 1 week decay time. I would suggest 9 days. 2 weeks would be perfect.

If not please find a solution that i can join a clan and leave a clan after my vacation and retain my own buildings?
Sounds more complecated then setting the decay timer a little up.

I can give feedback that during the expanded vacation decay you did create i did not feel like it was game destroying for anyone. We even had buildings go away with this long decay timer of inactive gamers.

So again:

I am sure that the 1 week mark is your main problem. As most are gone not longer.

And if i am gone 2 weeks … i would accept that a decay is inevitable.
But not for just 1 week gone.

Please consider it.

KInd regards

Ex Machinima


I quite agree with you, that some (limited) means of temporarily extending your decay timers should exist. I don’t care if it’d be an expensive craftable item, or a character “setting”, or what.

The holiday setting is fine and dandy (no really), but not everyone is able to take vacations during the “standard period” - and it seems a bit extreme to have the choice between buying a laptop and spending vacation time logging in, or losing everything.

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I agree.
While 3 weeks or more are too long, 1 week is a little short.

I honestly thought 1 week would be some full launch+1-3 months thingy, but as it hasnt been thought over yet… I think its a good thing to ask them if they would agree to reconsider.

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I had hoped they would be evaluating the impact of the extended “holiday” decay timer and perhaps adjusting it, but either they didn’t evaluate, or the conclusion was that it severely (and negatively) impacted server performance.

I guess it’s also possible they haven’t evaluated it yet, and have just set it back to default until such a time as they do. That is the optimistic interpretation of events, at least.

144 hours isn’t even a week. It’s 6 days.

So sooner or later all normal people will end up with their base(s) decayed for obvious reasons. The player base is already on a fast track downwards. Forcing players to logon is not the solution.
And before anyone mention clans, then lets not even start on how broken that concept is.


As stated in another thread allowing more decay time allows players who like blocking oblesks and building on resources . If they allowed friends to refresh this would fix the solution both ways. Have had to rebuild now on 6th server due to this issue and have asked devs to stop this and get no response. tried private and owner shut down after 1 week.

Even with a job and kids, and a dog … and cats…, it’s hardly to much to ask to play or/ “activate” the game just once every week?

Imo , vacations form a problem to be resolved by players themselves, or face ruined servers and griefers.
That’s just as it is, no middle way?

For the one player one day longer decay is better for the other not. And another want’s a month.
It seems to be nicely nerfed at 144 imo.

The reset of timer(s) could be simplified, like for instance, just logging in would be enough to reset 'm.

And last but not least, maybe think of other means of prolonging a characters decay timers, the current hardly can be the only option available.

2cts :slight_smile:

How, if I may ask? Please consider the business trip and other less voluntary duties too.
Buy a laptop? Yeah, sure, but that’s a pretty ridiculous barrier to entry to build into your game IMO.

Hey, thanks for your response.

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