Summer PvP Event 2019

Just wondering if there’s going to be a summer pvp event again this year like there was in 2018, was great last year.
Hoping for the same again this year!

What was it?

the festival ran the entire month

Was longer as far as i can remember, think it went on nearly two months by the end, or longer. i can’t quite remember exactly how long now.

Mussagana made that happen but he gone now so it’s doubtful.

Let’s have it! No harm or effort whatsoever, after all.
Activity is always lower during the summer, why not make it better for pvp players with something to do.

Okay, so the game is completely dead today compared to yesterday.
PLEASE consider this.

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From saga to pvp events one thing is clear. The game is what you choose to make it.

Thousands of people didnt play for the lobster cloak!

Aoc is community driven now.

If you want to do an event with rewards Andy will support it. Just organize and host it.

Can blame FUNCOM for not supporting a dead game you love or you can step up and see what they are willing to do.

The Prince


That’s true, this is the reason why I’m suggesting to use the content which is already there.
Plenty of excitement during PVP festival this week. Why not extend it during the slow summer season. No additions needed whatsoever.

It was notably different without the PvP event running. I can honestly say last week, the PvP even was the most fun I’d had on Crom. Without it running, and no minis running, crom was in a sorry state.

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Game is so dead it’s pathetic

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There are pve raids going on all day. T6 this morning. You all dont see it cause you dont pve.

Perhaps it’s time for a tournament?

Crom needs to agree on a go-to open world zone. For duels, and skirmishes.

CE is annoying because of Bori and the random zone-in location.
AE could be a candidate with some cool places, such as the tower near the traveler, or the small hill not that far away either.
Kush is a bit meh, with few cool spots.


Yeah only when we schedule open world aka a siege window we get bid out


Hey @AndyB @Spynosaur_Nicole @Sunstar
We getting another summer pvp event this year?
We’d all really appreciate it if you could fandangle one for us :wink:

@Rooibos @Nossos

p.s Please look up ^

they will never answer, may be only ban u on fourm :smiley:
no Musagana - no party )

Or rotating pvp areas, like on fury. Rest can be pve.

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no event for conan chop chop lol?