Summer PvP event

Just want to say we always have gripe for funcom for the things they give us we dont ask for and ignoring the things we do ask for , but on this occasion good job funcom, i have seen more people pvping since this event started then i have seen in a long time , seeing quite a few names i have not seen in a while logging in to check it out as well. so GG dont stop there, run with the ball and get pvp rocking again . :slight_smile:


Totally true. Dont forget to check out on fury again too! We had some good raid v raid pvp in Keshetta again like good old times!

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yes, I agree, good job funcom. but a bit late. summer ends in 10 days. I think event was meant to start earlier but something went wrong. also I think will be nice to have such events every 3 month, but not a month long. 2 weeks will be perfect. I mean like wb and pvp weeks. anyway Well Done. Glad to see that game I love get something from devs


After 10 years… first time something interesting for pvp players. Funcomed.

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Well the gimmick worked and got more PVP happening so that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t get too crazy, fixing the issues we’ve all discussed in other threads and various other things would get a “great job” out of me.

PS: The chronic amount of alt farming in PvP events even while events are active is just plain silly. It’d be nice if GMs could hang around now and then and boot people resfarming themselves or their friends.

You are right but after soooo long of having nothing its nice to see something sent the way of the pvpers . The other threads wont be forgotten people have made their opinions clear with the recent votes showing what the community want , but you have to give credit as much as being critical when it is earned and they earned some praise on this one.

As for the alt farming yeah its pretty bad , some guilds just dont even try and hide it and go all out , would be nice to have gms do random spot checks on cheats in minis , alt farming , exploits of dungeons to keep people on their toes , but funcom dont invest enough in game time to AoC.

Yes, don’t get wrong, it’s nice of them to throw a bone out there and it’s good to see it’s brought more people into minis and events, I just hope we’ll see more.

I mostly don’t care about if crime is a victim-less one, it’s just kind of infuriating to do an arena fight and legitimately win, but lose because someone was farming their alt in the outskirts of the area. I guess they can’t really police it but I can still whine about it.

Unfortunately res/alt farming doesn’t fall under terms of service violations so they (funcom) won’t do anything about it. It’s a PvP zone though so you have the power to punish farmers when you catch them

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Indeed, just farm the farmers

And when they farm alts in the arena just sign up and give them a hand :wink:

Indeed :slight_smile: