When it is due?

Hi. Just curious as to up until when should we expect the server to be up. So, when does it end?


Prince of EOS, I sure hope you and your followers will continue your saga o n fury. You are most welcome to join the battlefields

It should end because the only guild fighting in the open world right now are the Immortals.

Not for long. The Empire of Stygia will be out in force come Friday. With USB collapsing who will rise to challenge them? The barbarians are at the gates. What new civilization will defend against those wretched savages there?

I dont know really. Will have to see who has the courage to return to fury.

I just played a mini in Saga since none were happening in Crom. I’ve seen minis in Crom last longer than that one.

If we’re gonna end up with the same people who give up easily and/or directly AFK on purpose, why make a new server, dividing the population? Doesn’t having one server with all the (low) population in it with the option of PvE and PvP rules make more sense?

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yes I think everyone agrees that would be ideal. However, I dont see funcom doing it.

This is my main issue with crom. The only source of pvp is mini games and people that ruin them on purpose or just nerf your team…it is frustrating. Let’s all play on fury again.

The thing is I like PvE too, and I don’t think there is much of it in Fury.

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Yeah I haven’t done a lot of pve but I’d def like to start

I am prepared to support fury!


I’m all in for Fury!

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