Any sight on the end of saga?

Would be great to play on fury again during the December holiday period. By whom will saga end?

What I’ve heard is 27th December is official end

Ow thanks for the info! What is your source?

Sorry for delayed reply. I got sidetracked from real life aggro.

It is what everyone in my guild has been saying. I think there might have been a blurb about it on the forums too.

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no one has said.

An official end date is TBA and will be made very clear on social media, the site, and on these forums. It is not ending on the 27th!

I heard that funcom is giving away PvP 4 weapons on Dec 25th!

Lol I heard that FC is giving away pvp10 gear on December 32nd…xD


I heard we get lag for xmas present


I heard that I was the best girl to play the saga in mini-game, on the 27th all the rewards come back to me :slight_smile:

Who are you