Tips For Small Groups?

Sorry if anyone else has asked this…
We were a group of three people playing co-op. I love this game so much, the beautiful environment, the music, the flavor text, and I really want to play it. But the guys abandoned the game because we can’t seem to take on any of the tough dungeons or bosses. Example: We tried to fight a spider centaur guy, and though we could avoid his blows, I had to leave the cave to get more water for us three times before we gave up. I don’t know how long we’d been running in circles in there fighting him, had to be over an hour. We weren’t any where near killing him. Another time went into a dungeon, each with a dancer to stop the corruption (you can only have one follower a piece), and were immediately decimated by skeletons and a snake. I don’t know if we’re doing something wrong, just don’t know something, or if the game was designed for only a large group of people in mind. We can’t do public servers because sometimes we can’t play for weeks, maybe even months depending on how busy life gets. That doesn’t work on a public server. By the time you come back everything is dead and/or destroyed. Does anyone have any suggestions? The awesome dungeons are one of the biggest draws. It really sets Conan apart from Ark, and I think it could be worth revisiting if I could convince them there was some hope of success.

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Which level are you and your friends? Most of the dungeons are very dangerous if entered below level 60.
And your thralls should be equipped with the best in heavy armour you can craft, it does not hinder them as much as it does players, although it might look stupid on dancers…
You and your friends will need legendary weapons plus epic armor, unless you are very skilled.


As Starwalker said dungeon and world bosses are mostly but not all level 60 business , there are 3 you can do at level 25 or more for the first 2 and level 33/5 depending on your thralls and skills , you can find on the internet (youtube , google) a lot of guides if you want ( but it can also spoil a part of the discovering game ) . But If I were you I would go with my friends and try to understand what the ghost in the structure at the very west of the first river want’s me to do :wink:

thralls pretty much do the dungeons for you. get some legendary fighter thrall from volcano or a relic hunter from nameless city (never take a dancer), equip him with the best, bring healing arrows, and watch him destroy everything.

If you want to engage also, set your combination of armor right, get your flawless pieces, and go with 4 vit at least, 4 str, 2 grit, and the rest as you want, i usually go 2 encumbrance and 1 agility.
Roasted hunch + Herbal tea is the healing combination for the win

Learn to fight in this game. That means finding which weapons you like the best and then learning the combo for your weapon, different weapons have different combos. And learning when to dodge is very important. That means taking the times to observe the attack pattern of the creature you fight, from a skull-less monster to a 3 skulls boss.
Since you’re 3 players, choose your weapons so you can inflict bleed, cripple and sunder effect to the creature you’re fighting. Teher’s weapon that inflict only bleed (like dagers), other that inflict bleed and cripple (like 1h axes) and other that inflict cripple and sunder (like hammers or maces or 2h swords).
Try to always have the best weapons and armours you can craft at your current level.
Forget about needing legendary that or legendary this. It’s bullsheet before you’re level 60. Most of legendaries are found in legendary chests that could not be opened before being lvl 60. And those that aren’t found in chests drop from 3 skulls boss with a rng at a very very low drop rate. Not only they’re a pain in the bottom to kill but more often than not you’ll loot nothing really valuable.
Forget about going for rare named thrall. In coop game your chance to get one normally are close to zero. But you can use the admin panel to spawn them. And since you’re playing in a coop game, the player hosting it should have access to the server parameters. That means he / she can tweak them to make it easier for all the players. For combat it’s raising the damages done by players and lowering the damges they receives and / or lowering the damages done by NPCs (that includes all creatures). By default those settings are set to 1. Raising to 1.5 and lowering to 0.5 aren’t big changes but it make survival in fight easier without making those fight to easy.
If you’ve a problem with water and food, there’s a setting to adjust thirst and hunger. Setting both to 0.5 makes your life easier. You’ll still need to drink and eat but only more often.
But I yo must retain only one thing it is to learn the fighting mechanics of the game. That’s really the most important to expect finishing dungeons.

@Shifter Bosses can be pretty hard to tackle at low level, and even well-geared level 60s can still get killed quickly if they are caught unaware. Here’s a few recommendations I have:

Water: If you make Purified Water at a Stove, that can stack up to 50-units, and each drink quenches a greater amount of thirst than a drink from a water skin.

Snake Arrows: Since I’m guessing you guys aren’t high level yet, one thing that will really help against bosses are damage-over-time effects. With the exception of undead, poison and bleed will benefit you greatly here. Early game, your best bet is to start leveling-up a Set shrine so that you can make Snake arrows. Each hit from one of these arrows will inflict 1-stack of Poison up to a max of 10. Every 5 seconds or so, you’ll want to make certain your archer lands another Snake Arrow on the boss since poison stacks will disappear after a short time if not renewed.

Shields: Many of the bosses can have their attacks blocked by a shield. In this way, the shield takes damage instead of the player. Mind you, some attacks can still penetrate a shield, so you’ll need to pay attention in combat and learn to read enemy attacks to see what you can block and what you need to dodge.

Daggers: Much like the Poison DOT, Daggers can inflict up to 20-stacks of Bleed. Another cool thing about them is that the kick/block button will cause you to perform a backflip out of danger. You can use this to run in, get a few hits, then spring back out of reach while someone with a shield blocks for you.

Sunder: Some weapons like 2-handed hammers can stack Sunder up to 5 times on an enemy. Each stack reduces the enemy’s armor by 10% allowing more of your damage to get thru and actually cause HP loss. When I’m fighting bosses, I usually like to alternate back and forth between poisoned daggers and a 2H hammer to keep Bleed, Poison, and Sunder all maxed while others inflict damage.

Followers: Each of you should bring along the toughest, hardest-hitting follower you can get. Keep in mind, a T4 thrall from down south will have only a fraction of the hit points a thrall from further north will have. As such, what you want to do is give your thralls truncheons and use them to capture increasingly stronger fighters. Once you’ve gotten a few really strong ones like the Cimmerian Berserker, Dalinsia Snowhunter (both from Mounds) or any of the named fighters from Sepermeru or the Volcano, you’ll have a real bruiser for enemies to reckon with.

Armor: Always give your thralls the heaviest armor you can get ahold of. If you’ve been fighting Cimmerians at Mounds, they often drop Epic quality armor. Even though such armor will be damaged, that won’t matter to a thrall since their gear doesn’t suffer durability loss like a player’s gear will.

For yourself, you’ll probably want to stick to Medium armor so that you don’t lose the ability to roll out of the way of attacks. IME, I find that most players wearing Heavy armor suffer a lot more damage because the dodge you perform in that armor simply doesn’t move them far enough.


I’m honestly surprised I got so many answers so quickly. Thanks so much for all the help, guys. I’ll take this away and see if I can convince everyone with it.


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