Returning player Q - how much has changed? Omg Im lost!

Hello there, Guys!

Because of all this quarantine arround us I decided to log in back and see my beloved characters, but also having many questions!

Q1: I stopped playing just when my server Aquilonia RP-PvP got merged into Fury. Is there anyone from Aquilonia server still arround? I used to play assassin, Vonsky.

Q2: so… Fury seems dead and not much happening. Im considering moving few of my chatacters there (2-4: T1-T2 geared)

Q3: are there any cool guilds doing PvE content in Crom/Fury? I have few well geared T2 characters - only if T2/T3 is still considered a good gear…?

Q4: can someone explain me a little what has happend after Rise of Godslayer expansion? I remember T3 raids and all that Khitan content. What should I know next? Need a guide in this area!

Q5: is RP alive anywhere in AoC?

Q6: are low lvl areas alive? For group PvE instances, group leveling.

Q7:what else should I know?

Because I would really love to gear up and progress my old characters or even make a new ones.

PS: looking for experienced guilds!

Cheers and thank you for any answers!

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1 & 2: Yes Fury’s pretty dead and Crom is the only active one, per others even the Pvp on Crom is more active than Fury!

  1. There are still some guilds, was at a low point a bit ago as you weren’t seeing alot of guild announcement / recruiting going on Global.

  2. Haven’t seen any open world RP in awhile and the AoC RP page is dead so I think we’re at a really low point there.

  3. It comes and goes; sometimes Tortage is packed and some times barren which of course means the other area’s see the effect. We haven’t had any special events to bring people back to the low areas for awhile now. For what it’s worth when I was in Gateway yesterday I saw 3 other players in the US evening.

  4. Important things since you left. The game totally changed back in 2016 when Funcom tweaked the F2p model. You no longer have to have a sub to get into Godslayer after buying it. Godslayer, like the other extra adventure areas are now strictly Buy to Play.

  • Everyone has access to AA points. Sub’s still get the 1 full point per level, but all can earn mastery etc… points by just killing stuff (which will eventually add up to a full AA point) and getting them from the daily log in bonuses.

  • Funcom did announce the game was in maintenance mode which all of us see as meaning no new content. But since they then have run 3 special servers (Saga where all started again at level 1) and still have running a special character mode called Unconquered that you pick during character creation. The goal with that is to see how high in levels you can get before dying with cosmetics at lvl 20, 40, 60 & 80. Titles at each of those points and cosmetic weapons at lvl 80 (of yes we now have cosmetic weapon slots).

Welcome back


Thank you so much for the realu - gonna move few of my characters there and resub for a month to try out.

Weapon cosmetics, Sounds crazy!

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy the return! :relaxed:

In my opinion, I would not transfer characters to crom from fury if you have been gone a long time. Just start new to enjoy the leveling and relearn the classes and mechanics of the game.

same, and if you’re willing to pay, there are lvl 80 bundles with a lvl 80 character included and full t3 gear in the store…