Thinking of returning - Game status

Hi. I have played this game for many years, left a couple of years ago when my account was banned (for funny reasons, but Funcom support was already inexistent at the time). My mains were Korando (BS) and Calore (Demo).

Guessing if some of old friends still around.
What is game status right now? Are mini games happening?
Since my account was banned, how much (money or time) will cost me to reroll a fully playable PvP character (all the main AAs and at least PvP Tier 2 gear)?



Man, you couldnt have come at a better time. Pvp with giovanni etc. on fury with t1 gear WITHOUT AA. Would cost you some hours to do that leveling to 80 and pvp4, but thats it. Or buy an instant 80 and the t1 gearset from funcom.

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PvP is finally dead. There is no point to come back for doing PvP in this game.

What Deuk said, join our discord and come pvp on Fury. Pvp 4 and no AA so there is not really any grind, even with a fully f2p fresh account you could pvp within a few days of making your toon(s). We will help with the process.

@Korando come join us, pvp 4 t1 no aa pvp. Aoc Lvl Up

COME PLAY WITH US. we play for hours daily on fury, 3v3/4v4/5v5/ etc. in the pvp app that gio made. we miss you <3


Oioioi Gianni, come pvp-app! NOW!

PvP is dead on Crom because of tier 6 gear completely overbalancing the situation worse than even AAs, but fury has seen a recent resurgence of PvP. Who wants to play on Crom anyway? It’s chock full of raid finder and kuth runs and not much else.
On Fury there is a 3rd party pvp matchmaking app that was seen previously but is resurging and coming with a new highly anticipated update which will add Crom functionality and PVE based matchmaking tools. So even on Crom, if you want to run a time trial with friends in a 6 man or what have you, you can and it will collect all stats accumulated during your run, stats such as healing done, damage taken, most dps, overall time etc.

The app matchmaking can be fun for world pvp but it does come with inherent issues such as it takes place in various world pvp enabled zones, allowing other players to ambush the teams as they see fit.

The only requirement to participate is a toon with no AA points at all (fresh 80) and pvp 4 gear or less.

The guys help you get power leveled right up in both aspects and get you ready to compete in a matter of a few days.

It is indeed a good time to revisit AoC world pvp on fury.

You can see the app demonstrated most nights via VoD or livestream by my esteemed colleague, The Spreadman, on his YouTube page.

While you’re there, check out the animated, fully voiced, machinima series The Adventures of Spreadicus!

An episodic story based in Hyboria, filmed in Age of Conan, and starring that global chat caps spammer you all love to hate and hate to love!

Episode 4 coming soon!


How many ppl are active on Fury, 20 or 30? Impressive.

Found the pvp hater

Gotta start somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

hey korando!

Come play with us on fury. App automatically creates “pug premades” in smaller formats (3v3/4v4/5v5) in a variety of areas across aoc. We’re all playing completely fresh characters, t1 pvp gear, and nobody is using any AAs.

You’ll be really impressed with it. Gio did an amazing job with the software.

We’d love you to come join us! Shouldn’t take more than a day to get you up and running. Average time to get a character up to 80 is 1 hour 30 min for the powerlevel, then a couple hours to grind up to pvp4 or you can just buy some pvp crates.

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Crom must have thousands logged every night.

Crom Functionality?
Well i am hyped. Thats for sure.
If this happens i might just create a totally new Account, rebuy the Expansions and a Yearly Sub.
Just like that.

Got bored of that BDO grindfest anyway no matter how good the Game looks. Was playing Warrior anyway so… Hey funcom ‘‘Guardian Rework When’’? LOL

Nice to see so many familiar faces here and the pvp 4 only sounds great. One of the reasons i quit AoC was the OP t6 pve casters.

Maybe i will return as well.

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Hey @Tyyr , you can reach us here. Aoc Lvl Up

yes yes join us in PvP matchmaking on fury! i tried it and it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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Come join, I offer free and easy power leveling. When you are in the discord just leave a message in the leveling channel and I will help you get to 80. It usually takes about 2 hrs from 1-80. 16-80 is 100% afk.

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Returning huh?
Does anyone think Spreadman will come along or is he going to still send messages from bottles :rofl: