Eagerly awaiting the exciting things to come

So, I watched the parts of the Twitch feeds from a few weeks back and they said we had exciting things to come. I was just wondering when these will be announced.

What could the exciting news possibly be?

Vote Kick for Minis

Play with your friends in minis

A new expansion

A new raid

I hope it’s something good with all the $$$ they’ve made off the Funcom store for the last 2 Saga’s.

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You’ll get the opportunity to buy a pet rabbit that does absolutely nothing useful except munch on carrots all day but it looks so cuuute! :heart_eyes:


way to crush my hopes and dreams of unicorns and fairies.

No, but seriously just curious when this information could be announced.

The daily log in rewards finished for most on Sunday night US hours. I know they announced they were going to let it extend. I hope that extension isn’t permanent.

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Yup im interested to see whats in the works , would love to see something around pvp of course , a new map or 2 , some better balancing , removal of the going into walls bug with the flag when winning 1-0 and just sitting there while that person refuses to relog , maybe put lava all around the maps so any walls entry means insta death . Fixing of the bug where people can always pick up the flag without interuption when taking dps , also people grabbing the flag from stealth using that bug to slide along the ground . Of course vote to kick but that thread has already run its course so no need to go over that right now. Would love to see sign up with friends again. I was never part of a 6 facing randoms , but i did face a lot of premade 6’s running them and always enjoyed going up agaisnt them , maybe bracket minis 0-5 and 6-10 but population might not support that , although it might bring new people to pvp if they didn’t face the prospect of all those pvp 10’s chaseing them down.

Breaking up PvP into brackets is a great idea. Soon going to try some lowbie premades, posted that here. Other new things, New content. Any content. Anywhere. Longer versions of things like the Winter Feast.

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PVP content is long overdo. One can only hope however