PvP friend sign ups

  • Yes i would love to be able to sign to minis with friends again.
  • I would like to be able to sign up with 2-3 friends
  • No i would not like to sign up to minis with my friends and prefer to pug

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So i do quite a lot of minis, there is a trend that has been around forever but is starting to get more out of hand, Certain guilds and their friends are ignoring each other in minis , attacking everyone except their friends, while this will not sound like a big deal it kinda is, it throws the balance of a mini out, for example, Player 1 on blue team has the flag, he is at 10% health and is running away, Player 1 on the red team is his friend, instead of finishing him off and helping his team he runs past him and ignores him, instead focusing the first player past him. All the work done by the red team is undone because player 1 red team refuses to kill his " Friend".
Today i did a mini, and a certain guild i will not name had 2 players on both teams, they constantly run past each other refusing to engage each other, its ruined the game , 4 PvP 10’s ignoring each other chasing around sub pvp 5 players , when one of the other team picked up the flag it ended the mini, as it was basically a 4 v 6.

Now i know a lot has been said about signing up to mini games with your friends, a lot complained that it wasn’t fair, but you play a MMO to play with your friends no? so this pug system is kinda weird. Im curious to know the feedback of players now days on this, as i would rather fight a group of 6 friends instead of fight with a mix mash of them ignoring each other.

Back in the good times of AoC PvP it was a real challenge to come up against a group of 6 who was obviously in voice coms working together, but at the same time the level of the pug players was improved because they was forced to work together as a team, people putting their own 6 man teams together and they would challenge each other. We lost soooooo many players when this feature was removed and turned into the joke of a pug system we have now , i know people will say well you know there is the Tournament mode, and while this is true with the population the way it is now days its difficult to line this up. with the servers now being mixed time zones its difficult. But if you could just sign to minis with a group or even 2-3 friends i believe it would make the experience a lot more enjoyable, if you are PvP 0 pr PvP 10 who wouldn’t like to make a group and sign to mini games with friends instead of randoms where you face a 50/50 chance you will just have to fight each other.
I Enjoy killing my guildies/friends in minis, in fact quite often they are the first ones i will go after, nothing is as fun in voice coms as killing a guildie/friend and laughing about it so this isnt just about me just wanting to group with my friends , While i do play this game to play with my friends i feel that not being able to play with them taints the experience as this whole friendly fire thing becomes an issue.
At the same time, PvE’rs can form raids, pick 24 people they want with the gear they desire and exclude those they do not wish to play with, its kinda double standards that pvpers can not form the groups they desire as well , all because years ago a few people complained pvp was to hard, well what if people complained PvE is to hard and that they are excluded from raids because of gear and/or just its to hard and unfair!

Anyway end of rant, im really just looking for feedback to see how other people feel about this, because as time goes on more and more “friends” are hand holding and refusing to fight one another.

As pointed out by @Lurvi in the replies also you are able to select more then one answer to vote , this way you can show if you like the full mini 6 and the 2-3 option.


It’s called raidfinder :stuck_out_tongue: Offering legendary rings with 3 gems slots and 3 times the stats of the pvp version when fully gemmed, best in both pve and pvp just for grinding exclusively pve raids over and over and carrying the playerbase.

When you talk about pvp in this thread you want to talk about 6v6 organized and instanced pvp, but ain’t there a lill problem when it comes to this game being seriously considered as a competitive one? :slight_smile: I know ^^ have fun.

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The excuse for not reverting this change sooner (single+duo+trio signups) to minis was that it demanded too much code-time. Cirith certainly understood it despite the trolls going against it, but he said it was a hard sell.

Now with more attention to PvP with a possible Saga PvP, I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t do it. It’s the most “simple” and biggest improvement to AoC PvP I can think of. It’s a total gamechanger from the petty state we have now, to something playable. This change is not some fluff, it’s something fundamental the game is in dire need of.

It will start rivalry again, something pugs (as of now) only manage to create on a individual-level (not guild-level). People in stacks will maybe start signing tournament. New players get a better chance to learn from duos and trios.

I think this would be healthier than the full group transition. Start with trios+duos added and see what it turns into!

And don’t listen to the trolls going against this. They are the ones to loose from this, and thats why they go ballistic over such a change.

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I think Funcoms limited resources should be put towards stuff like this, mini sign up with friends, and vote to kick option for minis. Does any pvper actually want a pvp saga server? Maybe we need a poll for it…

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They just want a flashy addition and a hype to attract players,

and let’s hope they realise this is a very flashy addition. Also a win-win situation.

also, to OP, add a reminder that its possible to vote for more than one option

This is a sorely needed implementation.

And my guess is that it will cause some to return to Aoc. The fact you can play WITH your friends and not have to hope to be teamed with them is a big deal for players. You can easily go 3-5 minis with out being teamed up. And that is the time you had to play for that night, this does not inspire to play more.


From a newish/casual pvp players perspective beeing able to sign up with 1-2 friends sounds really great. Teaming up with a guildie or friend who can teach you something during a mini, during combat is awesome. Not so awesome, if you end up in different teams. The newbie(s) are no help to their team, the pro is not really interested in his/her team atm, because he/she trys to teach at the same time.

My concern is, obviously, that when strong teams (even trios) are signing up, everyone else will stop signing at that time in fear to have to fight against them. It might turn out the other way, and people WILL sign up exactly when such a pro trio is active, because they hope they will end up in their team. That would encourage people to sign up together, too. The overall quaility of minis might improve when those duos/trios are interested in coordinating their team.
I personally think that this is a reason why a full 6-team sign up should not get implemented right away, and why a 2-3 sign up would be better.

What hc pvpers should consider is that this option would bring casual people into minis, like…noobs. Lots of noobs. While it is a great thing to have more people getting interested in pvp, it can also decrease the quality of minis, and you prooooos have to know you might face that.

As for people stopping to sign minis, why would they when theres a chance to get that “op” trio on your team? and why wouldn’t there be multiple strong trios online?
But its a valid point, and why duos were suggested as the starting point (opposed to allowing trios) for back when this was discussed in the past.

As for the “noobs”, remember that they are rare. Most who play minis are the usuals, and tons of on and off players who are conflicted with the game. Anyways better let those noobs try it then, and if its not their cup of tea, atleast they’ve tried. And those games when you have noob in your team, atleast you’re with your friend(s), so you won’t give up that easily.

at the end of the day, we need an available way of being able to do minis on the same team as (atleast a few) our friends!
Players are few and there has to be made a compromise somehow, atleast an attempt (like they tried votekick in RF)

Maybe this is the wrong place but the question I have is what exactly is a “premade” mini? I thought is was make a group and take the group to minis. Also making a raid and doing the same is terrible when you signed minus not knowing that is the case which used to happen often with a certain guild leader and you end up in the team that afk s for farming. Anyway question is what is a premade and how is it different from the proposal here?

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premade refers to having a group of 6. Which currently does not work in the current minigame queue. You will get the minipopup, but when you enter the group will be scrambled at random with whoever else signed.
(it used to work back in the day, but was changed shortly after khitai was released. Many players are tormented over this)

or doing premades (these days) refers to having 2x groups of 6 and signing tournament mode, where groups won’t be scrambled. Organizing this is bothersome.

For new thread it has a lot of votes pointing a pretty clear picture people want to group with their friends, i wonder if the devs could comment, see what their take is on the chances of this happening, the game has moved on a lot since the pugs was introduced, its hurt pvp a lot, would be interesting to see what they think.

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Problem is they dont know how to fix this. The people who broke the code dont work there anymore. Otherwise they probably would fix it. What do you think this is? Blizzard? lawl.

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I’m all for challenging minigames, preferably with friends. My biggest concern is the imbalançe this could bring.

The win chance of a good duo or trio would rise dramatically vs some randoms solo sign ups, making it a farm fest. It is very hard to balance minigames like this because you can stack synergistic classes and people who know how to play. Random solo players have less chance to win like this and mini’s will be too easy.

If this could be solved somehow, I would be all in favor. I think it will be hard though because of the small population. Example: 12 ppl who sign up for minis 2 (good) heals. The 2 healers are grouped, so get in same team. Auto win.

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its just a compromise that has to be made (and tried out),

but the point remains that: solo players will also be teamed with these so-called strong stacks. (that I believe some make too much of a fuzz over)
And believe it or not, these stacks can also happen to be on opposite teams…

the 2x heal example you provide is kinda iffy, when minis wont pop without a heal on each team (isn’t this a given?)

It was just an example. The example could also be made with 3 experienced pvp 10 in one team and lowbies or bori farmers on the other side.

Why wouldn’t they reshape tournament mode.

  • make tournament mode the standard.
  • make it so that it’s possible to sign up with groups on tournament mode and fill up with randoms (so this would be the suggestion of the OP)
  • make standard mode only available when selecting the tick box.
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Im just saying your example had no place in reality if FC set simple condition of atleast 1 heal per team (in the minigame itself)

As for your suggestion to tounament mode it is make it just like the old minigane queue, as in enabling 6-man stacks vs. puggers (as you say, “make tournament the standard mode”)

isn’t that what you’re trying to argue against in the previous post?
Well solutions are possible, with some compromises like non tanks and healers might having to wait a bit longer for games if say: 1 heal + 1 tank on each team is a condition for a game to pop.

I know, I just try to think with you, coz I’m in favor of signing up with friends, but I dont want imbalance. In my suggestion there would be a way out for ppl that don’t want to participate, bij joining the alternate play mode (only solo sign ups)

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in return of reckoning, one rotating map per week is for individual signup and all the rest is open to organized/structured pvp matches and premades but also random players. No extra reward.

allowing individual and pair signup in tournament mode might make it easier to launch a structured 6v6 pvp match in aoc, but i wouldn’t bet on it happening anytime soon.

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Nice idea. If it isn’t too much coding involved

I recall the previous developer was in favor of having a buddy signup deal, but it was impossible for them to do. Mind you, in those days they always told us they couldn’t fix the res bug either, so who knows what is and isn’t. Hopefully it can be done but I’ve always been under the impression it’s all or nothing.