Minigames..after like 10 years


I have a question …Does anybody knows why minis even start,when one team is 6people and the other team is 4 people???What is going on?They cannot even fix this??


IT takes 12 people to start a mini but sometimes players decline or dont join and then you have short teams.


A solution would be to start the minigame only if all players select accept, but i can see that beeing exploited to mess with people.


It isn’t that people do it to mess with people, Sometimes you queue up and a mini pops while you are in the middle of something like a duel. It happens. usually those empty spots get filled regardless.


Mini hits 12/12. The players get “auto balanced”, everyone joins. Teams are already determined, so if 2 people on the same team neglect to click yes, that team is 4/6. There’s no secondary balancing to make it 5 v 5.

It’s for the same reason that a lot of complaints about the balancing system (and I’m not saying that’s great) are misinformed.