Mini kicks finally implanted

Minigame Vote-Kicking Players may now initiate a vote-kick during PvP Minigames. When a Minigame vote kick is initiated, all members of a team may vote. If enough members of a team agree to kick the offending player, that player is removed from the minigame. A vote cannot be initiated until at least 5 minutes have elapsed in the minigame. Please use this feature responsibly

OMG It’s christmas


How many members is “enough”?

I saw one get 3 votes and stayed in so must be 4

so how is the vote kick option working out so far? As intended or abused to hell? :slight_smile:

Have not seen it abused. Looks like certain trolls are getting what they’ve had coming to them for a long time, though. Biggest issue I’ve seen is just that with a 5 vote requirement, teams with multiple trolls cannot kick them :frowning:


Ah well no system is perfect. This is probably better still than before :slight_smile:

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Yup, much better than before!

Are tanks being kicked off the team for not running the flag?

I would rather make worst player in team run flags than tanks, tank that can put good pressure has no business carrying a crippling flag. better give it to semi afking rangers that sit 40 meters behind of everyone else

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So it’s been a while since i pvped regularly but isn’t the 5min wait too long? I mean you have already lost most games if you have 1-2 people afk for the first 5 minutes.
I haven’t tried this myself jet, just think that it sounds like a long time before you’re able to kick.

/Ubermiley the almost active

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Just the effect of the possibility of a kick makes for less afk’s in the start of the game, cause people will slack less maybe? People might think they’ll get kicked if they go semi-afk or don’t think about objective

It doesn’t only affect the hardcore trolls. Also there are the “on and off”-trolls that try out the start of a game, but end up afk if only the littlest thing went wrong. Having better start of minis might make it so they turn sour less. So with more people slacking less, it might make the “on and off”-trolls end up going afk less.


This is what I’ve seen too, people seem to try harder and give up less just because of the possibility of getting kicked. The griefind ■■■■■■■■ just get kicked everytime after 5 minutes and it’s great.

I almost think about trying minis again. I still see possible problems. If the afkers are on the other team, who votes to kick? If you battle hard but don’t meet the expectations of team? If your gear isn’t the best? All the things that have been problems, if they are on the other team- will people act?

I hope VK helps, at the same time I wonder will it be used to make minis even more of a elite thing, which will hasten the demise of the mini game.

How are minis an “elite thing” when 90% of players in them are terrible


Pvp is competive, people expect you to know how your class works, how other classes work, and have common sense, look at map, cc for team etc. You dont have to be pro to be useful in minis


I found many people with that frame of mind, and it is good. Unfortunately, I also found the griefers who QQ that players are bad, even if they try to fight hard and try to improve, it takes only a bit of bad attitude to make people leave ( I prefer your mentality to the others) Cheers!

people are abusing the mini game pvp kick vote yesterday, I got fired 6 times
for no reason to help the team and saw another player also kick the mini for no reason.
So I was never kicked before

Do you remember how, before votekick was implemented, we had to go through minigames with one, or two, or sometimes even three leeches who “afk’d on purpose”, making their own team be 1 man down for no reason just to troll, for years, and years, and years? Votekick was the answer to that, since there was nothing we could do about it.

Have you noticed how, ever since, we haven’t seen those leeches again? At least they are smart and knew what would happen to them if they joined minis with votekick in them. I can’t say the same about the people who abuse votekick these days, kicking people just because they are not very good in pvp. Do you want votekick to be removed and go back to square one, with minis ruined by leeches again, or shall we use votekick wisely and save it for known cheaters and other offenders? It’s up to you. I prefer what we have right now.


yesterday in mini I made 12 kill with my ranger and help the group. it doesn’t often happen to me to kill so much. May I am kicked

today get more kicks with every mini