Mini kicks finally implanted

People kicking newcomers to pvp is arguably worse than leeches in mini games. The OP in this thread is not a good example, because fifina is known to troll in mini games, but the point is valid. Kicking people for not being good at pvp is pretty awful and being abused.


hello , me too I got kicked in mini. was lvl1 pvp . I don’t kill anybody but did my best to help the group . person use the kick on the cheater who kills the mini

It’s been a long time since I stopped troll in mini .
I play the best i can and never afk in mini.
I won’t say the name. but one player told me the mini is reserved for competitive players and all …
I had no place. who keep voting against me and it’s my fault if the group doesn’t win

Well… in my opinion it’s kinda your fault that you now get kicked. You are apparently a known troll and people dislike you so no wonder if you get kicked even if you try to play normally.
It’s basically the story of the boy who cried wolf a few times too often people dislike you for your behavior and it’s your own fault for having such a bad reputation.


no troll mini and play the max
there is no reason to abuse the deciding vote if you don’t like a
I was also told that women are not welcome in mini on did not know how to play
a lot
Mini misogynists don’t like to lose abuse kick mini

he hits people just because they’re not very good at pvp. I saw a pom get kicked for nothing name starts with vi.

what to do against people who abuse kick voting? yesterday i was hit a lot of times

That’s a fair point except you’re talking about a 12 year old game where for almost a decade skill has taken a back seat to gear and AA.

You probably don’t remember but playing in blue gear is around 7-8% crit rating and your DPS is basically non existent.

What is the point of having somebody on your team die 20+ times and farmed because he is in blue gear?

How is that fun for the person and how does that really help the team when you might as well be playing with 5 people?

You really want to spend 20 minutes basically playing 5 v 6?

How is that really any different than the situation you’re describing with leeches/afkers?

Why don’t you all kick trolls and people who are using combers? I can give you a list of them right now but you don’t want to hear it.

Some of these players couldn’t even top 1000 dps on a raid boss. Why would you want them in PVP? Do you think raid groups would allow them in PVE?

Give option for minis to be in pvp t1 gear only once and for all, no additional garbage handicaps. We can call this new type “legit pvp mode” like “tournament mode” that already exists.

The truth is bad players need pve gear / p2w or t5 runes / crit pots to compensate for their skill level. Let these players continue in their own minis where they need handicaps to compete.

We sometimes manage to kick cheaters and leeches, but it depends on who is in your group. About blue gear, well, they should farm the pvp event to get to lvl 4 so they can use pvp gear. That’s bad design that you can’t be useful in pvp until lvl 4, but luckily the event lets you get xp quite fast.

I don’t see buffs on players because I disabled that, but I don’t think most people run shop potions, but green or blue that you can buy in the armory or at mystic supplies in khitai, which is what I do. I do K6 once in a while to get rares and then buy blue crit pots, and I think most pvpers run at least green potions, because once you’re lvl 10 you get enough conquest trophies to have an unlimited supply of green potions.

I don’t think pvp should be restricted to T1 - what the hell. If you want that, go play with the pvp app in Fury.

You (and the remaining dwindling population) sometimes kick cheaters and leeches…

I mean seriously Funcom gives the community policing abilities and the people playing the game don’t even know how to police it because

  1. They are vets who still don’t know what is going on, let alone how to play their class or group pvp. Hey look there’s one in this forum thread complaining about being kicked.
  2. They are new to the game and are too busy getting farmed.
  3. They have friends on their team preventing them from being kicked.
  4. Don’t know what a comber actually is or looks like when it’s being used.

The last bit needed from Funcom is a separately added game mode where people play in PVP T1, like tournament mode. Please reread what I said there. If you believe you need PVE stuff to compete in PVP then you can join the rest of the crowd that needs it, which would be a choice. What is your concern, that minis would pop more often in that mode and less in yours? I mean seriously whats the problem here?

The fact you don’t show buffs means you really don’t know what is going on and shouldn’t be commenting on that. Many players run rune of the exile, t5 runes, store crit pots etc. There are usually 4-6 players per game that have one or some of these handicaps going.

I didn’t ask you to convince me why you run crit pots… if you didn’t need them you wouldn’t use them – same goes for all of the extra stuff people run in this game. It’s not possible to defend this argument so…

You’ve essentially just described the fury PVP app, except the app also includes an MMR system that attempts to balance the new players so that the games are not 5v6.

I’d recommend giving it a look:

I do remember. My tos, barb, hox, which I’ve leveled up all in the past year, all started in terrible blue gear and pvp0. This is also on Fury, so the option to PvE for suitable replacements is not available. This means you get roughly 1000 deaths while you attempt to get to pvp3 for the weapons. It’s a frustrating and awful experience as you get one shot regardless of player skill.

You kick players for having bad gear or low skill, you disincentivize people to actually try PvP. You’re not going to win every pug mini. Kicking people dabbling in PvP will drive them away, not expand our already limited audience.

I rarely play on Crom, but most “cheaters” are just people that are good at the game and not actually cheating. There are definitely some comber boys on Crom, though. Most comber accusations are not credible.

Because they’re often really cool people and have potential to grow. You mentioned I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be new to something and ill equipped to compete? What were your first experiences in PvP like? If you never let people be bad at pvp, they’ll never grow or get better as players.

Some people legitimately do not care if they get farmed, they just like being able to participate and play with friends in PvP.

From my experiences on Crom/Fury, there is a group of players that can and will use every buff/advantage they can. This includes astrolabes, khitai statue buffs, t6, p2w pots, morphs, infinite sprint potions, etc. IMO, it is incredibly lame, but there’s nothing in the game preventing it or outlawing it, so unfortunately it’s “fair game”. @Patoson, I’d recommend enabling the ability to see buffs of others, because it’s incredibly common for people to run those broken pots on Crom.


Thanks for responding – clearly you have deflected the entire set of points made that are really big issues and why this game is dead and we are in this state to begin with. I can see there is no point in really discussing thisfurther since you clearly aren’t looking at the big picture.

One final note… I’m not running a 3rd party non endorsed Funcom app from somebody in the community for this. Unless he is providing the source code so it can be compiled on our end and we can see what is being transmitted / received, I’m all set. In the event that is true and it’s open source, I have no toons on Fury so unless he is making this Crom compatible not going to happen.

Not sure where I deflected. I actually agree with most your points regarding lame buffs/gear/etc. I just hope you realize that kicking less adept players does not grow the already limited community nor make pvp appear as welcoming and fun as it can be.

That’s too bad that you won’t give it a shot. Based on your complaints regarding gear/buffs/AA/etc, I think you’d probably really enjoy it. If you ever do want to give it a shot, we play daily!


there’s no reason why you couldn’t transfer one character to fury to try it out but You’ve clearly made up your mind that you have no intention of doing so. Crom was not put together with PVP in mind. It’s a lackluster environment for PVP. Limited to border kingdom zones.

On this app we PVP all over the world.

That being said the invitation is open to all whether or not you come along and have a good time is up to you, if not that’s your loss :man_shrugging:

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