Poll: Votekick in minis, Yay or nay?

  • Yes! I am tired of afkers and hackers in minis ruining it for everyone
  • No I don’t see the need for it
  • It will likely be abused so no, no way Jose.
  • I would be ok with it as long as a 60% minimum vote requirement is met by all active participants in the game
  • I’m on the fence, how about we try it out for a while and see.
  • Yes I hate terribly under geared players Get them out of my minis!
  • Other - State your thoughts below

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It’s polling day so here’s another poll for our devs to mull over. Do you want to see the addition to vote kick in minis yes or no?

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Just asking: The “I would be ok with it as long as a 60% minimum vote…” means 8 players in 6 vs. 6 and 15 in 12 vs. 12 have to vote yes to kick a player?

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60% is the best way to go for the vote i think, that way both groups have to agree to a degree that the person deserves to be kicked, it should safe guard lowbies trying pvp as no one on the other team would kick them, everyone will want to kick a cheater, this would be a great thing for mini games imo…

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Agreed, 60% seems really fair and reasonable. If everybody on a team and half of the enemy team want somebody gone, it’s gotta be a major troll or cheater.

Looks like the general consensus is overwhelmingly yes for vote kick in minis. Will leave this vote up for awhile.

Yeah it is, the only problem is funcom themselves, they do not have a habit of listening to the community , I hope im wrong, i hope we get this in game, my faith in Funcom is at an all time low right now though…

Pretty sure they will. Stay tuned

Its things/people like this that would be the saving grace of the vote to kick, i truly believe that it is much needed, the constant afk’s in minis, the comber allstars and the trolls, Funcom can not or will not police the mini games, they clearly have no resources or interest in pvp anyway, so may as well let the community do the work for them, i think a trial period of the 60% vote to kick is needed, as for Judas saying about people switching to their alts, he is right they will, but not before their spot in a mini has been filled, and they will just get kicked from the next in the same way, i really hope a end to certain cheaters and trolls is coming.

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60% is too much, that’s 7,2=8 players total? And since harrasser will not vote against himself, that would require 3 person from opposite team. Hard to imagine enemy team consisting of 50% noble players, most just want an easy win.
I say 50% is enough for vote kick. 5 team members and 1 player from opposite team who understands concept of fairer play.

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Since we know what pvp players want now, when can we expect the update for vote kick in minigames? I can’t see this Conq/DT anymore that we all know, and this Ambrosia-barb A… ruining every decent minigame. If u see such faces in your team you can only win with superior other playes in your team, it’s a lottery.

Please expalin what you mean with 64% vs. 36%.

There are 79% who want the votekick/want to try out the votekick. There are 21% who do not want the votekick, not even partially.

Cleaned the topic a little bit.

Pay no attention to the troll, We all know why he doesn’t want it implemented. it would mean the end of his trolling minigame days.

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This is exactly it, people like this know that if this was to happen their time of trolling mini games would be over, for some reason people like this purposely come to ruin the mini games, then they enjoy talking about it in global while doing this , If the Raid finder can get a vote to kick for people harassing and afking in their PvE then we sure as hell should be allowed one for the exact same reason and the cheaters in PvP…
In all fairness i rarely see people afking in RF now as they get kicked, at least when i do RF its appears that way, if it even made people just not afk in minis and try same as in that itll be a step forward, as for the cheaters, their fate is obvious…

I tell you something mister smart boy: Funcom has wait far too long with this desicion already. They could give the pve players a kick button for their raidfinder, but we need to accept cheaters, afk players and trolls.

After saga finished there were plenty minigames up at same time. But who still want handle with all this scam you need to face in minigames? Ofc more and more will quit again, especially after seing that pve players got something that we need to wait for.

I’ll tell you the reason. It’s simple. He hates pvpers. It’s an irrational hatred. He is suffering from what I like to call “pvp derangement syndrome”, not unlike Trump derangement syndrome.
They don’t know why they hate people who prefer to pvp over people who don’t, only that they must hate “those people”. Case in point, a quote from Mr Judas from the other thread discussing this system.

As you can see he holds pvpers and those who prefer to partake in pvp over pve as “responsible” somehow for the demise of age of conan by being so powerful as to simply use “words in chat” to destroy our enemies will to live and or continue playing a game they probably invested huge amounts of time in… He seems to think that global chat has an overbearing effect on whether or not people will continue to play this game when they can simply right click an undesirable players name in chat and click ignore to forever silence that player.


It all sounds kinda ridiculous…

This delusional theory has manifested itself in the mindset of the diehard pve fanboy over the years and they truly believe it with all their hearts. I mean the demise of this game surely had nothing to do with all of the unfulfilled promises by funcom or the lack of new content, no updates for months and even years at a time. No those can’t be the reasons… It must be pvpers! ,

another quote from our friend Judas

He is right in this post because funcom did promise us a huge crafting revamp and then just said “ah forget this, it’s too much work”

You see if you are a pvper like me you already know the truth of why this game is in the sorry state it’s in and it had very little to do with pvpers trolling global. I’ll make a brief list to highlight the true reasons.

  1. On the pvp servers in the early days, the starting questing zones known as white sands and the underhalls were home to gankers and griefers alike and they were many. This zone was created for players to level up enough to leave tortage island around level 19, however funcom allowed the level cap in this zone to remain at 25 for a very long time. there was absolutely ZERO reason for players to remain in tortage island past level 20. all enemy mobs were grey and offered no experience nor did the zone quests. I, and many others have asked funcom to lower this level cap to 20 so that there would not be level 25s ganking lowbie toons here, and at least players who were just trying to level up would stand a chance to fight back but how could they when the players attacking them were 5 levels higher? This resulted in massive sub cancellations. So in this instance, pvpers did cause damage but it was because funcom allowed them to do so. Funcom could have fixed it but they turned a blind eye and did nothing, so who is at fault here? the players for doing what the system allowed them to do? or funcom for allowing it?

  2. Crafting revamp never delivered - This one speaks for itself. the crafting system in this game is horrible. always has been

  3. Minigame random queues - This was a complete slap to the face to all pvpers. A big “F you” as it were. Because a handful of folks whined and moaned about getting beat up by premade teams all the time. and people who wanted pvp gear were forced to partake in minigames which brings me to another issue that helped kill off this game

  4. Gear and stats - Sometime a few years after launch, funcom decided to try to “Wowify” age of conan and they revamped every stat on every piece of gear from the ground up. This resulted in the game becoming heavily gear dependant where it wasn’t in the beginning. I remember quite vividly fighting a duel in tarantia noble district on a conq vs another conq who was weilding the broken oar from the starting zone, I remember he whooped my ■■■ for lack of a better term. Try doing that with the oar nowadays and you won’t do anything because it’s trash. Gear stats are so utterly broken across the board in pvp and even in some pve gear. Tier 2 gear isn’t even worth buying because the stat upgrade is so negligible as to be non existent. It’s best to just wait til you can buy the t3 gear.

  5. Let’s not forget the advent of tier 4 gear which superseded pvp gear completely making it the new desired gear, and since nobody was raiding tier 4 on the pvp servers, many pvp players moved to the pve side to obtain this new gear. This is how the pvp servers eventually withered away. slowly but steadily more and more players would just make the move til there was no one left to pvp.

  6. No new pvp content in at least 6 years? Is that the fault of pvp’ers too?

  7. Shrines of bori - Do i have to describe the stupidity of this idea and how pathetically it was created to pander to the pve community? I mean i don’t think even pve’ers enjoyed slapping rocks and trees for hours on end to get pvp gear. I always assumed pve’ers enjoyed it when the npcs fought back at least??

  8. Saga of zath - it was the final nail in the coffin for fury, once it launched, fury became a ghost town and that’s all there is to say about that. It was a double edged sword that slit the throat of Fury and now we are all in current times happily or unhappily stuck on Crom PvE

I could go on forever with all the stuff wrong with this game but the point is, you can blame the community for some of the issues with this game but the whole responsibility of the state of this game rests squarely on funcoms shoulders. this is something people like judas refuse to see. To them, funcom can od no wrong. It is the PVP’ers!! They are the source of all Evil!!!

For those of us with any common sense, we know the truth. It’s all because of funcom and its poor handling of this game from the get go. They are the only ones who can control how this game operates. not the playerbase.

Now we have new management these days and a dev that seems willing to listen to reason so maybe there is hope.

But players like Judas will continue to act out their irrational hatred for pvpers until we get the tools to deal with them. We are all on the same server now like it or not. So let’s all at least try to get along. If you don’t want to get voted off the island judas then stop your shenanigans. If i were a betting man, and i am, i would wager vote kick is coming soon like a tidal wave and there is nothing you can do or say to prevent it. You’ll just have to play nice from on i guess


Very well constructed post , you pretty much hit the nail on the head there …
I do really hope we get this vote to kick , and at the same time funcom should really consider opening up minis to allow people to play together again i really miss that , at this point it can not hurt anything , and might even bring a few pvpers back out from the cold.

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Jeetz 100% accurate with this post of summary about aoc. Funcom and community alike please listen to this man.

It doesn’t make much sense to be honest. you could say “well they need logs of wrongdoing” but they have issued bans for people using macro bots to farm resource nodes and those programs leave no evidence that gets logged into their system, a GM simply finds your toon running around on auto pilot and issues a ban.

Why they wont take action on cheaters I couldn’t say. It is odd.