Votekick for Minis



From my experience minigames on Crom have been completely ruined by deliberate AFKers. That makes it sound like a lot of people are contributing to this problem but its literally just 1-2 people who go out of their way to ruin it for everyone else. Having someone sit in spawn and taunt their teammates who have instantly lost all their morale because a loss now seems unavoidable. Quickly it all falls apart and your entire team is hiding on the edges of the map and completely giving up because someone was able to purposely make the game a 5v6.
If a votekick system like the one for raidfinder was implemented, i’m certain it would greatly help the situation. Being able to kick these trolls and hopefully replace them with LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE would help the team so much. I do think an account-wide temporary minigame ban would be necessary because these people have multiple characters and would certainly try again and again on their different toons. I just think it’s ridiculous that ONE PERSON can ruin minigames for soo many others.


For me personally, this kind of issue is a deal breaker when it comes to me spending money/time on this game. Minigames are the main reason I log on and continue to play this game/stay subscribed and I just don’t see any reason to play if this problem doesn’t get addressed.


Move to fury.


Meanwhile Funcom remain silent. We asked them long ago to implement vote kick system in minigames but yet we received no answer (and I dont think they will do anything in this matter). Whenever we report those players GM’s repeat the same thing, we’ll investigate :smiley:


Whole morning today one of the known trolls keeps destroying the only mini that runs, gg Mussagana its so much fun.


Indeed. The entire morning screwed because of this character. When he’s in your team, you are screwed, and, when he’s in the enemy team, they are screwed, and it’s not fun winning like that.

If cheaters and leeches like this one won’t be banned, let us votekick them, please.


ive played 7 minis today and 6 of them i had the troll on my team. Of course my win ratio is hurting after that.


Maybe there’s a way to report GM’s in AoC for not fulfilling their duties? Because they are literally laughing in our faces.


I do agree votekick option is needed badly so we could get rid of griefers


I’m gonna be honest: I wouldn’t really mind losing 1-3 seconds of having to close the popup in the middle of the screen every minute, when trolls spammed polls, as long as we could actually kick the ones ruining minis. It would be a nice trade. Although, like it was suggested for RF polling sytem, letting us reposition the popup would be perfect.

But, please, add votekick for minis, for each team separately - if one team votekicks someone, the other team doesn’t even see the poll, and only the 5 other people in the former team would vote, with a majority of, say, 5. I’m sure that, when one of the two leeches join a mini, all their teammates would want them out.

EDIT: I’ve thought of “what about when the team is less than 6?”. Still, the required number of votes for a kick should be 5. In the case a team is 3-5 people, and one of these leeches is in it, we could still call for people (usually we don’t if they are in team because why ruin other people’s fun by dragging them into the team) to have a full group and then votekick the leech, have them kicked and call for another person. Problem solved.


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we just need a FC response to if this is in their scope or not. currently destroying the game more than they think.

most people that come back to try out minis are turned off at once.

we just need the trolls handled. either by GM perma-ban or votekick. doesn’t matter which one :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, I was actually considering to try to do some PvP a bit more seriously, but if it’s the current situation… :roll_eyes:

Funcom, are you trying to make people go away from this game? Because if that’s the goal, you’re doing it right… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


UP. We need vote kick in mini games. Now is not possible to play and have fun in mini games.


afk trolls kill mini,GM`s please give players the opportunity to kick them if you can’t ban them


Funcom u should do something for this crap, protect your game…


that’s my dream ! dig all the trashs out of the minigames ! Funcom do something for it


While I don’t do minigames, I’m utterly confused why Funcom seems so oblivious to the need for a vote kick in minis. There clearly is a problem, many are asking for a vote kick, and there should be no technical reason why a vote kick can’t be done as it should be simply porting over the raid finder version with no problem. It just doesn’t make any damn sense.


I am not really a pvp’er, but I will support the idea of a votekick in mini’s. People should not have to put up with afk’ers and people just trying to disrupt the game for everyone.


FC let Kick Slackers and minis ruiners!