Votekick for Minis



Even though I don’t play PvP I know how bad these trolls and AFKers are, not only from RF but from other games as well. I have seen what some of these players say in the global chat (Things like “I decide if a game is won or not and you can’t do anything about it.”) and have seen some of them in the very few times I actually did a mini game myself. It’s just ridiculous that some of these people troll mini games for several years every single day.
I fully support a vote kick feature for mini games, the trolls, AFKers and cheaters need to get their ■■■■■ kicked with this feature.


Funcom been trying to kill of AoC for years now, that is nothing new
first threw away the pvp community, continued their path of destruction by hurting pve with wb/rf farm and no new content

For me it feels like every decision funcom has done in the past 8 years, has been the wrong one. It’s like they always do exactly the opposite from what people want, and when recieving critic, they give us silent treatment, maybe after years they come with some bland generic answer “hey guys, we hear, but truthfully we don’t care, have fun”


1 Month No minigames penalty to certain ppl and Vote Kick is the way to go. There is no need to name those people we all know them but FC dont pay attention to Pvp issues anyway.On the other hand if you Use the C word you are banned the next 2 hours max .[ On a game of blood gore and violence …]


This happened to me :smiley:


this, its quite remarkable that someone who dedicates their life to afk minis, only to trigger rage, have been able to do so for years despite zillions reports.


The cry out for vote to kick in minis has been running a long time, i would love an official Funcom response, as they can see from above the community myself included has had enough of this trash in minis games, years and years we have had to stomach this BS in mini games, the customer base is asking the question Funcom " What you going to do Funcom". @AndyB .

It is truly time you give us what we have been asking you for for a long time, enough games and ignored petitions and requests on the forums, step up and do the right thing by your customer base…


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FUNCOM! Can we have an answear just so we now were you stand in this question. Not so much we ask of, only an answear…


I rarely pvp but have also witnessed these trolls. Vote kick option is definitely needed for minis, and since you have it for RF there’s no excuse not to do it.

As Pato suggested, make it so you can only trigger a kick and be able to vote on a kick for players on your own team and only when 100% of team members vote to kick do they get removed.

Also keep the abandon mini debuff so for at least 30 mins or so nobody has to put up with them again.

One vote to kick per player per mini to avoid spamming which can be exploited by greifers themselves, or some kind of cooldown.


The thing i dont understand is why it has taken so long to even get a reply , when raid finder was effected with these trolls in pve funcom opened dialogue on the forums very quickly , yet here we are a year or so later requesting the same thing in pvp and we get nothing . One thing i would also like to point out to Funcom is in this thread you have pvpers past and present who have been a corner stone of pvp since launch showing their discontent of this issue , multiple guilds are represented here as well as multiple circles of pvp friends , all agreeing on this , we cant all be wrong can we funcom ?
@AndyB where are you hiding today ?


Not sure if Im totally remembering things but didn’t Mussagana adress this in an earlier thread and hinted that they would at least consider it? Cant find that post now though.

Anyway, doing exact the same thing as Barrywight and Force have already done and as a PVE:er I really hope this get implemented. It cant really take that much work/resources to customize the RF vote kick and apply it to minigames. Vote kick was a wonderful addition for Raide Finder and I can only imagine its even more frustrating to experience these AFK-trolls in PVP.


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Yea, come on Funcom, we’re not going to bury you alive:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Actually, with this kind of behavior, you’re just digging your own hole… :laughing:


Yea well, I guess people know me well enough since years that I don’t shut up if there is something I don’t like or disagree about, No bann or hiding works on me, what does work is funcom to send their little puppies here to address our little question hour.


Its ao sad they are so quick to remove content they dont want up on the forums , but as soon as you have an issue they dissapear , like they cant see it and if they dont look itll go away . Well i guess it will go away soon they will just delete the thread when they have had enough. @AndyB do you read the forums apart from copy and paste update messages ?


Just visit mini game non stop, dear GM’s


I just won a close HV by capping, rotating the flag among us since we had no tank and an enemy sin in T6 armour kept killing us extremely fast, it was tough, but we managed to win. The enemies had the oldest of these two leeches, and, if they had had a proper player instead, they would have won easily.

The other leech, more recent, is worse than the other, because the old one on rare occasions does something, although they are still a leech.

If someone used to most multiplayer games, where there are anticheat systems, admins who get rid of rule-breakers and/or votekick systems, decided to try out pvp in this game and in Crom, 99% of the time (when either or both of these leeches are in the games), they would uninstall the game in the blink of an eye, or just stick to pve.


I just played my first minigames on fury. Much more fun there… I mean the Players-quality is not better than on crom, but you dont have troll conq/dt over there or disgusting leechers. Everyone is playing, as good as he can. I appreciate it and it was the first fun minigames I had for a long time :slight_smile:

btw transfer is really cheap now, only 600 fc-points. I remember before it was 2000?


Every Wednesday the USA based section of Funcom is doing a live stream … I suggest if people are watching it that they push Funcom on this issue in the live chat … as well as the issues of blatant cheating in mini games that do not get addressed by Funcom
(Eg being able to glitch or teleport into areas of mini maps and stand safe there … this could be easily solved by Funcom … if they can’t fix the code so people can not longer glitch through architecture THEN they could flood the areas with lava so anyone going there instantly dies. Or poison gas or line the areas with spikes … anything that quickly kills a player who goes into exploit area.)


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