Add votekick for minigames

Stop closing the only important threads and just copy-paste votekick from RF into minis, where 5 out of 6 have to vote “yes” for the player in question to be kicked, or 10 out of 12 for JS. I’m sure it’s easy to implement. We need it.


Im still wondering why it’s not done yet, it would solve many problems. But im afraid that trolls spam kickvote window (like it ALWAYS happens in RF) blinding us during the fight

Its just a spit in the face for the remaining people that playing minigames. I log from time to time to enjoy some minis and seeing the same troll who keeps destroying minis for 5+ years now and who got countless of reports for harassing, makes me log off the same moment. In the past when you had two minis running at the same time you were able to avoid the psychopath if you were lucky but now its just pointless to even bother play when you see him online.

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If the RF popup - when you sign up and finally get a raid - can be repositioned, and the game remembers your choice, I’m sure it can be done with the poll popup window as well. If not, it could just be moved somewhere else, like at the top of the screen, right under all the buffs.

Even so, I would rather have a popup annoying me every now and then, but be able to enjoy minis for once. If you think about it, why would anyone spam votekick for their own team, unless they are a troll, who would be the sole purpose of this request (getting rid of trolls).

If a troll managed to do a poll or two, locking them until the cooldown is over (I’m talking how it works in RF), we would still be able to finally start a poll against them. But, as far as I recall, two polls can be made at the same time, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Once the troll had been kicked, the 5 remaining players in the team could ask for a replacement and enjoy the mini (and the next one since the troll would have Coward’s Shame).

I’m sure that the only people who would abuse this system would be the same trolls the vast majority of pvpers want to get rid of. I’m asking for voting within the same team, not having the opposing team voting against us, or viceversa (that would be absurd). Please, add votekick for minis.


By adding the vote kick for minigames we will have the same trolling happening at RF if not worse. The better solution is the one to make a script with a timer that counts how many times you you have been hit or dealt damage, how many flag scores and how many kills you made. If the scripts reports none of the above it means that you are afk therefor kicked for the next 2 days. I don’t think fc will add a script like that, the pvp in this game is a fail anyway.

The infamous troll in Crom would then tag players every now and then to stay in the mini. We need votekick to get rid of this one at least, which is the issue 99% of the time.


Now the 2nd afk troll we had all the last year is back, so it is very rare to find a proper mini these days. Give us votekick already…

did a mini couple days ago. ofc the same afk troll was there (going strong for 5-6 years now?). I instantly logged off

People against this with argument, that it’s gonna get abused like rf, must be simple in mind. There is always tricks to make things non abusable. Like in this case for example give to each player only 1 initiation of votekick per minigame. This also makes players to think twice if they wanna use it.

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don’t know what @ISawTheDevil means with trolling, but he’s gonna realize RF actually became better after votekick was implemented…

The RF and the minigames are not the same. By trolling i mean that many players just vote kick for fun. In minigames they would start to put a player in your team who instead to be just afk lke it happens now, he will also vote kick the best player to make his team to win. This is something that happens on CS too. If you play CS sometimes you get kicked because you are making your team win when the match is cheated and they want to make you lose. I think to add a timer to autokick the afk player or to autokick the player who is doing no dps is the better solution. This way no afk players and you are forced to play.

And if this griefer starts a poll against a legit player, the rest of their team would vote “no”. So what’s the big deal?

The only problem is where the popup Yes/No window appears, right in the middle of the screen, which is annoying. Funcom just needs to let us reposition it, or just change the default position to somewhere less annoying.

+1 for vote kick
I hate popups that are just slammed to middle of screen and you are unable to doubletap… oh the memories how many duels they ruined back in kheshatta times :slight_smile: (mini invite)

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This is what mini after mini with this griefer causes on people - ignore everything and rezzfarm the ■■■■■ (it didn’t fix anything though):

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That was a thing of beauty, Patoson :grin:
Gj to all who farmed him.

Funcom is incapable of policing their game, so give us vote kick and let us do it ourselves.

Any other solution than vote kick is meaningless since funcom is unwilling to take actions, and if you suggest any other Im pretty sure you dont play minigames at Crom, that specific psychopath is going strong for 5+ years and if you play at crom you will know that he is online almost every afternoon and he is not afk he is just a troll running around harrasing and destroying minigames.

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Do you really think he cares if you farm him?
There are so many bad players left in this game it usually just balances out anyway when he’s in a team

No. That’s why I already said it didn’t fix anything.

Funcom should simply keep these 2-3 griefers out of minigames. That’s it!

That this never happend after YEARS and HUNDRETS of PETITIONS because of these 2-3 players is imho more than embarrassing and annoying. Especially if the GM’s react to petitions and tell you they will investigate this…

In the past I could avoid these players by joining (or decline) minigames very late by checking first all players who have already joined the minigame.

But in the meanwhile most of the time only one minigame is running. If I see one of the serverwide wellknown afk’ers/griefers I wait max. to next minigame (~15 min) and if the situation doesn’t change I log out. This happens more and more…

Votekick for minis is imho not a good option, because it’s anonymous(why?) and subsequently the chance for misuse is very high. The low playerbase for pug-only-minis (another issue!) is the effort not worth.

As mentioned in my first sentence, Funcom should just remove these 2-3 idiots and this annoying griefer-problem is solved.
A lot of players would appreciate that.

Best regards,


totally agree herrkurt.

why GMs can’t just ban these guys. look at this guy, new plague going afk since the start with imba hiding spot: