Replace minigame votekick with ability to sign together

Votekick in minigames has allowed us to get rid of the known 3 leeches in Crom, but nowadays it’s abused by people who can’t play fair when there’s no reason to kick anyone.

My suggestion draws from the long requested ability to sign up to minigames as a group of 3 (with up to two friends), allowing us to play with our friends, just like you can sign up for RF with a group, while at the same time removing votekick, because in this scenario, teams would be made up of two different halfs that each know each other and would probably not vote yes to kick anyone from either half, and it’s something that has been requested for a very long time and with good reason.

Pug minis are terrible, there’s absolutely no auto team balance, leading to impossible matches more often than not, and, like I said, votekick is mostly abused these days, so I think replacing votekick with being able to sign up with a group would be a fair exchange, especially since Funcom told us to use votekick wisely because it could just as well be removed. I would vouch for it, but with the condition of letting us sign up for minis together, at least with a group of 3. This is, of course, ensuring the group would get in the same team.


This feature is supported in pvplevelup.

Check it out at!


self criticism is always good as well as your suggestion

I gave up on minis a while go :confused: pretty much every complaint you could have about minis is addressed (as well as possible) in the pvp app on fury. Matchmaking, team balancing, party system, etc. The only problem is the community is small and could use more players

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pvp community on fury is bunch of nolifers with r10 that ruin game for all other ppl, better play crom minis then drown in such community.

i agree with Pato

Mini games just need the onslaught mechanic or the New dungeon finder that is coming with next update which is similar. 1 tank 1 healer in each group for mini to start. Simple


this is brobable a good idea i also agree with pato about votekick deletion and enable signing with 1-2 ppl!

well if you are referring to the pvp app community, the games are played in t1 gear only :confused:

  1. how is having r10 toon in 12 yo game is no life
  2. pvp on fury only exist inside the pvplevelup which only allow you to use r4 gear

I think that depends. I found alot of Fury vets who were the best teachers and explained to me more than i could hope. There are also some on Crom. But i can say for certain that Crom has a load of show off people.

What i do to counter the problem:

I don’t let situations like this discourage me there is alot of good pvp going on. From premades to duels you can do with real vets and practice. You must like the odds. Adapt to the odds. Take your time grind the right tools, practice, trial and error and fill the gaps. Eventually you overcome the odds.
K/D ratio at first will look 1/10 but in time it can be brought at 10/10 and at that point, you can push to break the numbers.

It just takes ‘‘Patience/ time’’ Some just jump in to pvp with no preparation and get discouraged. I believe that’s their mistake. I did that as well, listening to some ‘‘Troll’’ As DT i started by joining without VoM and i didn’t even understood my combos, so guess how that turned out.
Personally i work with a plan, a ‘‘Schedule’’ alongside PvE. Like increasing X AAs and go back to the fight, learn to counter the X problem, become better, rinse and repeat.
Takes time for both PvE/ PvP? Sure it does. But what’s the hurry if you discover and enjoy the game anyway. And if someone doesn’t adapt into fighting overwhelming opponents, he will never become that competitive.

In any case, if people understood that ‘‘You are cannonfodder anyway’’ so try to become a threat at least, PvP would be more active.


Well said , ‘You are cannonfodder anyway’’ so try to become a threat at least, PvP would be more active.

Pvp should be something you do because you enjoy it and as you said learning, asking as you go. Too many people like Sirekka believe that R10 (which I assume is pvp 10) matters a whole lot if you have no idea how to play your class. How they equate 10 with no lifers is beyond me. For years anyone with the ability to hand hold can get pvp 10 and the gear AA for no effort due to events. Many of the pvpers you claim are no lifers on fury are actually vets many of whom’s original pvp 10 toons came through actual pvp when the game was active and had a large community. Sure some probably still bori’d but even then you had to pvp to get the armor.
Those players now enjoy playing the game again on fury due to the app where they try to balance things and help newer players. They aren’t running around chasing the latest cannon fodder in mini games to correct their stats as pvp 10, all geared, aa, and rf ringed and no pvp played heroes in their own minds.

You want to “sign together” That ship has sailed long ago. If you want to lament the state of minigames and have played for a long while ask yourself How you may have been part of the problem in days past. Did you farm “noobs” who were dipping their toe into pvp only to be sent to the rez pad and farmed for duration of mini. Did you call them out for being “stupid and bad” never offering advice or help? Did you see the new player on your team and immediately decide “game over” bc risking your own k/d no one can see anyway may harm you in some way, so it’s best to spend rest of mini in hide complaining? You wonder why you have no new influx of players in pvp and your minis are dead or “bad”? The answer is bc most of you ,for years, ran off anyone who was a casual or new player in pvp but wanted to give it a go . Most people on Crom are noob stompers , many “vets” there have mini for years and can’t throw a cc for someone else or have the slightest clue how to work as a team. Which is exactly why they don’t bother with fury pvp app bc there they might be pushed to actually see they aren’t so fabulous after all when on more even footing.

So are you suggesting that I can only play mini games if I have 2 or more friends online? In RF, if a group of 6 sign up and it puts the total over 24 they would not get in. They would start the next queue (as far as I can tell from way back when testing). So if you have 3 groups of 2 signed for HV, then an individual signs, the another group of 3; what would happen?

I can see this causing new issues. If you still allow individual sign ups, The trolls will wait to sign when the queue is at 9 or more and just AFK with no fear of kick. If you only take 4 groups of 3, you exclude a lot of players.

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Well yes, besides someone can couple, Duels/ Minigames/ PvP event/ Bori alltogether to increase his rate of gaining PvP rank and the trophies for equipment and potions plus AAs. Alongside PvE, sure AAs are a big gap but in time you fill what you lack.

I am almost rank 6 with only 63 days maximum playtime with my first lvl 80 character in this game. Bori i only did 7 times and it didn’t offer much leveling anyway but the trophies are good since we need a ton of them. Spent all trophies for AA xp flasks, saved up 50+ Badges from the event for later.

Around 40 minigames only from which, 3 where vote kicks, 1 i left, another 1 i joined to fix RF bug.
22 victories the rest defeats and 1 tie. Oh and Annihilation wins 2 and losses 2.

150+ Kills, from which 30 i won’t count as real competition and 709 deaths from which around a 200+ where from when i entered PvP without any perks at all and sure my opponents where always out of my league.

Alternate advancement perks: VoM, Desisive Pressing Strikes rank 3, wards rank 4, resistances rank 3 and all the rest rank 2. And no forced engage.

At that point i know what i lack to push more dps and increase survivability, what mistakes i have to correct, now i focus more on skill then ever. Learning to counter special abilities of the opponent, switching stances etc.
Sure it’s still a huge Stat gap but it will come in time.
I still get my butt handed over to me most of the time. Well that’s my fault. I need to work more to fill that gap. I need to become better. We can’t blame others for having invested more time here…

And there is another matter: If only more people weren’t afraid of joining us, it would be even better and they would have more manageable odds to overcome. I can guarantee there is some nice premades going on as well during the event especially and they are fairly nice.

Plus there are some Vets from Fury at the event during US hours who might arange a few Raid vs Raid fights. One of them is top 1 Fury Leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as I remember, grp has advantage over individual sign ups, so the problem you are talking about - doesn`t exist

So as an individual, I can’t do minis? That is exclusive. Pvp needs to be more inclusive, not less.

how did you come up with such conclusion lol?
you`ll be not prioritized against the grp of 2 if signs are 11/12

Aa progression are the same?)