Vote kick in mini games

Is there any plans to introduce vote kick on mini games aswell ?

If 5 people decide to kick, it’s probably a good reason since there are still trolls and afk’ers.


Putting that kind of tool in the hands of a group of players who’s permanently in a state of uncontrollable rage is kind of inviting problems.


If all 5 have to vote that would never happen.

and rage in minis are sunshine compared to raid finder or pug raid with ninja looters.

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This is something we’ve talked about, but we’ve refrained from doing due to the potential for abuse. If people aren’t participating that’s one thing, but the potential for a new player being kicked even when they’re trying is prohibitively high. Even with a unanimous 5 man vote requirement.

We’ll continue to evaluate this as the RF vote kick system is fine tuned, but have no plans for it at this time.


I refuse to believe that 5 people would agree to kick someone just because they’re low level.

You make us out be some kinda ■■■■■■■■, sure there some abuse after certain minis but next game we’re all friends again, its just passion.

This could also help to get rid of cheaters, I know I would kick a obvious cheater from my group.

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The benefits might outway the harm, just like in RF. You could always turn it on for a week as a test run and monitor how it goes.

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It’s exactly the same as raid finder.

Remove the levels from PvP T1 gear so fresh 80s can get it instantly and you shouldn’t see that problem come up.

No one is going to kick out a player for being pvp 0 or whatever if he is geared enough to be able to play.

The benefits outweigh the harm, we’re all sick to death of the trolls, afkers and obvious cheaters that’s been plaguing mini games for years and it’s not like petitioning does any good.


This would be a really good solution!

As it is now, it’s hard enough getting into PvP as a new player anyway and if the veterans had the option then newbies would definitely be kicked in minis, just for being new and having no PvP gear, even if they have decent PvE raid gear.

If you don’t believe that then you just have been lucky enough that you never got in a team with a new player (or started PvP as a latecomer to the game yourself :stuck_out_tongue:). They get focused like there’s no tomorrow, dying to everybody in 2 hits and ending the match 0:30, while their team goes afk and curses them in group chat for being a useless frag and ruining their fun.

If you disable the level 4 requirement for PvP 1 gear then the newbie won’t get completely steamrolled but has some survivability and at least the chance to stay alive, do some damage and help the team. They’d still die a lot because of lack of experience, but they won’t be a walking free kill for the enemy team and penalty debuff for their team anymore. Then a vote kick feature would be a lot less likely to get abused to exclude new players.

Think of it like this, there are at minimum 12 players in a minigame. 24 on sag. you could code it so that both teams get a say and the majority wins. And I know this too could be a double edged sword but consider than instead of 5 votes for a kick you would need at least 7 total in a standard mini or 13 in a sag match. If a player was being disruptive enough in minis then 7 or 13 shouldn’t be a problem and it would significantly lower the chances of the system being abused.

hey there, since its my first post here on this new forum i had to greet ya all somehow,

important thing to notice at first is that it made me to make account here and express my thoughts about this matter, so here it goes mind that i have indulging feeling to write it down ;/

so first what is that im totally positive on it, imo community is mostly made from players who been here and there and arent that spoiled brats to let allow things such as bullying etc to happen, ofc if it comes to troll players or cheaters there is no other real option, and it could be if vote kick would be introduced, at least mayjority seems to be like it even if that would be 5 players to vote out player from same team for abuse of game mechanics, trolling beign afk not fighting taking tank spot and doing god knows what, or cheating

second thing is that it would be great idea to introduce new t4 pvp sets, im sure somebody at your FC HQ has to hear bell ringing, since i read and saw screenshots on old forums of not used assets of not in game (yet) different looking variation of current t2/t3 pvp gear, im mentioning this because the idea of giving t1 pvp which is now pvp lvl 2-4 to lvl 0 players would be smart move indeed, players already avoid pvp since they have to farm some items first which is not that simple thing, others want to gain advantage and feed on those ‘nabs’ who joins minis on lost position expecting fun and meeting there not what they would want and look for, mostly they get farmed and they sometimes never ever again come back, and this game is really nice if it comes to pvp so im sure that at first it was driven by positive attitude to try on it

^^ this is really important, since pvp balance and overall experience by vets or newbs would be highly marked if that would happen, pvp would be easier to participate in and that would draw in more and more players, second new t4 sets doesnt have to be that much stronger, which in my opinion current balance is somewhere lost, imo what higher pvp triers should get would be marginally higher protection survivalablity stats than dps or crits or whatever that would be… that would make players who spend their times on pvp feel thougher and as veterans status would suit up, stats like constitution, critigation, maybe protection seems magic is really lethal (yes thats very important since guys who join up minigames in full t6 excluding weapons carry on flawed reputation we got of pve grindfest and building up pvp prowess in this way, so if that pvp gear would have higher i mean higher like real top critigation/tenacity to stand up agaist those ppl and maintain real pvp manner ((ya know pvp gear first and let it be at it)) so players focus on pvp not on other stuff that make unbalance and put power point somewhere where some real pvpers incl me step away from… means pve grindfest - mindless pixel bashing, it is fun but pardon me im looking for some meat and blood if it comes to real thing ;/ so if higher pvp trier sets would reward with more survivalability not off overally bigger dps that wouldnt make drastic balance change but would allow prestige building not at cost of gameplay spoilage like it was with tts t4/tigers rangers - now with t6 demos etc, gameplay would look like it now ohh i see higher pvp level - can i carry on him or should i team up and take that approach, game has already loads of dps tools of various classes, mages feed up on raw item stats, meeles need some serious slicer basher gnasher you name it an dps classes have tools of easiy ya know yes dps down things, so if power progression on pvp gear would mean - a) protection from pve abuse - more critigation, b) would grow up stronger in not totally overpowering manner c) would allow newbs to come by and try it in easy way, imo that would change like it is now that guys have to farm alts to get to that 4 pvp, guys have to spend countless hours to get going and think that they are strong enough to take on and join pvp, if some of those things would happen i think that vote kick wouldnt be needed or mayight be yeah those pesky hags club members … anyway im off topic but thing is important here …

if it comes to new pvp saga server which is in wraps i think, or may be not but, those things would change a lot, since ppl literally cried and i seen it all, they left cos of cheaters, and those cheaters who were just too good or had too GOOD GEAR, and it wasnt pvp one …

and one thing merge fury and crom call it Hyboria, dont listen to guys wanting pvp instances in all areas, we here who came to crom to find better place and call ourselves pvpers been through it some of us could count in years, i still got that twitch sometimes to start anew on Fury, but no fury is dead, period. So what needs to be done is allow daily pvp rotation in 1 of 3 Border kingdoms zone, thats it, golden soltution, and dont forget to send mails to everyone and see them coming, please listen to the community, guys from fury started topics about it many many times, please … ;/

anyway i got plenty of ideas but im not sure if its even worth it to write it down, since if irecall correctly not many of us was listend to or were given feedback, but hey we are now at venue of days and im sure with right steps it could only come better


im highly agaisnt that sh*t

maybe 0,0001% of minigames are ruined by a afk player

and beeing AFK for the whole match would be the ONLY reason to justify a kick (maybe a obvious teleport hacker also but these matches are over in a few sec anyway:D and i only have seen it once in all theese years)

So votekick makes no sense in minigames and it would get abused

If youre not happy with the performance of the team just learn to play better:D

Fair point, thought about that aspect too, but the current state of pvp-minis is very bad so if a pvp saga is in plans, it would be nice if something could be done.

Raidfinder votekick is probably the best thing that happened to this game out of late, It made many of my guildies start RFing again. As for PVP minis, I stopped pvping years ago out of frustration. Its a high chaparall where every other game is ruined by afking,cheating and griefing that goes seemingly unpunished, It makes sense that GMs doesnt have an easy time catching these people while their hand is in the jar, but a votekick function would help massively. I like evitos suggestion that PVP 1 gear should be free on claim. It would surely get new players hooked at a scale not possible atm, the second fresh 80s try PVP they literally get oneshotted. Giving them pvp 1 set would give them a fairer first impression.

1 mini going atm on crom, same person sits afk 3 games in a row now.

so yea that 0,0001% of minigames are ruined by a afk player is bs.

EDIT: also theres a certain conq that been afk for a decade now in minis, ask anyone on Crom who it is, 100% knows the name.

In RF votekick makes totally sense but in minigames it wouldnt solve any problems.

I play a lot of minigames but afking and griefing doesnt happen very often and even if it happens it doesnt ruin the minigame - you can play with 5 ppl just fine. And cheaters are often very subtile that you mostly cant even tell for sure so it doesnt ruin my experience in pvp either.

The imbalance in minigames is a bigger Problem but even that you cant rly fix cause its an extremly skill based Game and pvp 10 doesnt mean the player is the strongest.

You cant get in AoC what you get in other Games cause its too skill based - and that is exactly why i play this game even after all these years.

AND i personally think Funcom did a Great job in balancing pvp. Its far from perfect but its way better than it was few years ago.

PvP comes down to youre own skill especially in AoC - you cant make People happy in PvP who dont want to improve theyre skills constantly - not with a Combat System like AoC .

AoC is the only skill based mmo out there where equip doesnt matter as much as skill does.

And new players would get rekt in pvp anyway. Blue gear, full tier 3 doesnt matter. But i think making PvP 1 Gear free would be good start. Then the new ppl dont die that fast and are better suited as cannon fodder:D
The same goes for PvE full t6 doesnt mean sh*t if the player doesnt have skill he get beaten by a blue geared in damage.

EDIT: Well Yeah but Edit by Anzu: No names. rarely plays and i personally did never rly bother when he was in my team. So we play with 5 wheres the problem in that. You loose some you win some. 1 Afk doesnt mean i cant have fun in minigames. Sometimes it even gets mor exciting cause you have to fight more:D

Nothing is worse than beeing in a team full of pvp 10 and beating the sh*t out of noobs - thats way worse then getting dominated 5 vs 6

Eh, there are frequent players that go AFK after one death and sit in hide and rage about the team (or even before the game has started), and they all actively ruin the game on some level - whether you can overcome them and play with 5 or not (most of the time you can’t because those people will only play if they know the team is strong so the weaker team just becomes weaker).

Our favorite DT/Conq is another story, you see him on team, you know you’re playing with 5, he should’ve been banned by Funcom years ago, people got lifetime bans for far less than he’s done.

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I am really wondering where you get this number from. I know recently we have more minigames after saga-merge with crom (and some really nice pvp matches I have to say!) but before… and I am afraid we will come to this state again… we had 1 minigame up and there was always this one player everyone knows on crom that is constantly afk or just trolling.

Then multiply you 0.0001% x 10000% and you get how many minigames are affected. I know all this is a sensitive topic, but I am really wondering where the difference between pvp minigames and RF is. I mean why shouldn’t pve players kick new or ungeared players because they have no gear nor experience? Why should this happen only to pvp players?

If you implement this for PVE you can also implement this for PVP, because there is no difference that players could abuse it. And 5 votes for kick is really fair.

that is right
and ofc if you have 1 afk player 5 times in a row it gets frustrating
but i think votekick would make a lot of situations just worse.

Especially in a heated enviroment like PvP:D

Maybe a System where a player dont move more than a 1m radius over 2 minutes or smtg like that would help.

But AoC is a old game and i bet they would f*ck up theese features;D

EDIT: Yeah Edit by Anzu: No names. is a Problem and sometimes i just logged off and waited a little bit untill he was gone - but again votekick would just make things worse

And about the votekick: It wont be fair - there are too much emotional people in PvP - look at CS:Go - i got kicked countless times out of fun games for no reason (even when i did the most for the team)

Just cause of 1 player this System is not needed

this must be the dumbest thing ever, why the hell should we play with 5

If 5 ppl decide enough is enough there will not be a problem.


you shouldnt but you can - it isnt that bad

but maybe im wrong and the votekick would help and ppl are fair about it

but i think ppl would just ruin that feature and kill pvp completly - im happy for everyone who signs so that i can play atleast minigames:D

Funcom could activate votekick as a test and see how it goes but i dont think they will spare the resources just for testing:D

well they said it was something they had considered so guess they can implant it.

For the love of god Funcom at least try it for a period of time.