Vote kick in mini games


+1 to try it for some time. 5 votes = kick


but if they try pls not with a popup screen - cause ppls just would troll the sh*t out of this feature especially if you cant see who voted to kick someone


yes it would be nice to see who starts it, they should do that in raid finder aswell

like they have on retreat


what if, instead of the vote to kick, funcom would borrow some ideas from other games? like the ignore function of swtor?
there, the ignore list does 2 things:

  1. filters chat: if you ignore them, you can’t see any of their messages.
  2. filters group finder: if you ignore them, the tool won’t group you with them.

of course, it’s a double edged sword, if you ignore too may people, you risk to don’t be able to find any group. but will also encourage people to behave, because if too many people ignores them, they are the ones that will hardly find a group.


That’s generally a good idea - but I’m not sure how good in a low population game such as AoC. Also I imagine it’d take much longer to implement than a simple votekick which does the job.


That’d actually be decent with a large population, but probably wouldn’t work here because the population is too low, and due to that in extremes scenarios perhaps even exploitable.


most untrue post I’ve seen in some while. 0,0001%? really?

people going to the back end of Hallowed Vault after dying a couple times, or refusing to be killed by a certain rival player in opposite time, it happens quite often, maybe every 10th mini or more.

Piankhi is on point when he says the benefits may outweight the harm!
Funcom has been too nice to these guys, and GMs unable to do anything for years on end.

Raidfinder get a kick after only 2 years, while minis had this issue for way, way longer. Like others mentioned, absolute must for a PvP-oriented Saga.

Also I highly doubt 5 players will kick a badly geared toon. We all start somewhere.


dumbest idea since pvp armor. So it will probably get implemented ./


You just know you’d be vote kicked constantly because you know why


Today alone I witnessed one guy just running around doing nothing but f*cking off on a pvp 10 conq in BR. Intentionally trolling the team. Other players even type out “AFK” and just go hide in a corner because their pride got a booboo. Please give us vote kick!


I think those opposing the idea do not play PvP, otherwise I do not understand.

Votekick in RF was really needed and it saves GM’s some effort. Why not apply the same concept to minigames? Like it’s been mentioned, many minis are ruined because one team is “handicapped” due to an AFKer (or more), intentionally or not, and the occasional cheater. I was thinking of 4/6 to pass, but I suppose 5/6 would be better to avoid abuse. For this regard, maybe a cooldown between votes could be implemented, or let us change the default position of the popup confirmation for the vote (in my case, I have the target’s castbar there, and have had it obstructed by the popup in RF).

Since so many of us have wasted our time and hope writing petitions, with videos included, against blatant cheaters and trolls to no avail, at least give us votekick. It will not do any harm, in my opinion, but all good. After these people ruining minis have been kicked - with +1 abandoned and Coward’s Shame - many times for days, they might even reconsider what they are doing, but mostly the rest of us pvpers will play in peace. It’s not too much to ask.


Most people do want it just like they did in rf, majority of people opposing vote kick in rf are the people on the receiving of the kicks. So go figure. I guess I could understand holding off on adding it if it was a trial for rf but to add it to rf as a finished product that might be tweaked and say “we have no intention of adding this to mini games” is practically insulting.


That answer like evito said is an insult to the people who are still playing minigames and after more than half a decade are forced to play with the same trolls and non legit players every day.
So let me ask a straight question what is the solution for more enjoyable pvp enviroment in minis, with petitions doing nothing against trolls and a refusal of putting the same system you did in raid finder.
Whats the difference between raid finder and mini games, PvP is not a part of aoc?


Been a ToS sitting in hide all afternoon on Crom, we all know who that is aswell.

Ruining every single mini game, get this done.


I guarantee quite a few players will come back to the game if this happens, just like a lot of people do RF again now after kick polls have been implemented. Polls are already being abused in RF, I’ve seen it happen in a few of them, but that doesn’t really impact the raid at all, since people are smart and don’t fall for the fake poll. We pvpers are smart too, not just caps and swear words.


Truth be told kicks would go through sparingly and only for people who deserve it. Why? Simply because not very many people will actually join a mini game in progress (unless it’s even, just starting or the team is winning), so unless the player is afk, or being disruptive and deserves to get kicked the vote shouldn’t be going through.

I’d suggest mussaganas assessment makes logical sense in one way (despite not even giving us a chance to prove it right or wrong) but completely overlooks the mindset of players joining mini games. Personally I don’t join in progress minis unless a friend asks me to or it’s announced that team short is winning.


I am not active anymore ( not that i dont want to play but cant) but i rly think vote kick is a nice implementation=) Would be cool to come back too this when i start playing again !!


Since GM’s don’t do anything to cheaters and afk trolls, vote kick would let us deal with these “people” ourselves, but no, now I’m quitting the game again because I refuse to deal with this again. Reaperstall is teleporting with the flag in minigames again. That’s just a no-go for me, nothing you can beat unlike noob combers or speedhackers. So, good job Funcom at fooling your playerbase with p2w crap and broken promises while you let cheating unpunished. Screw this game.


@Patoson couldn’t agree more with you, i would love to see a vote to kick system in minis just so that we can kick the cheaters ourselves and police minis like funcom should be doing , So many trolls with comber thinking they are untouchable thanks to funcom would be kicked out of minis games instantly, in effect fixing the cheat problem in aoc, the player base knows who cheats, we know who to kick so they can not interfere with our fun, my only concern is for the lowbies, i worry they may get kicked from teams due to their pvp level, we would need a way to safe guard these players, Maybe give all 80’s insta T1 PvP sets? If the population was larger and more stable i would say bracket minis of PvP 0-4 and PvP 5-10 , that way no lowbies would be kicked also? at the same time bracket minis might encourage more low level pvpers to do minis as they wont get farmed by the pvp 10’s who love to just chase around easy kills all minis as well…


The risk of vote kick:
1- is that noobs/ungeared players are kicked from minigames.
2- trolls keep starting vote kick.
3- afk players can be removed from minigames

Mitigation of risks:
1- requirement for successful kick: 7 people. So at least 2 members of other team need to agree. This will negate the kicking of noobs, since noobs are in favor of the opposite team, however I believe people will kick inactive players in other team, because all can sympathize with that situation being unfavorable. Make voting public and not anonymous. This way you bind your identity to the way you vote. I think this will reduce the risk of misbehaving.
2 - make voting public. Trolls will be known and risk chance of being kicked if misbehave. Majority of players still want fun time. Vote kick on person A can only happen once every 5 minutes.