Please Add Vote To Kick For PVP

Just a reminder to FC that one of the biggest problems in the game are trolls and cheaters. Give us a way to govern ourselves like raid finder vote to kick. It’s good for you. It’s good for us. And it’s fair.


agreed we need this feature BADLY.

Also we need auto kick for AFK people, in pvp - for those who dont engaged in fight more then 1 minute. Like in WoW

this would be nice. unfortunately the common AFKers aren’t actually afk. They will just move their character a bit to bypass any timers. the afk characters in minis usually belong to the same few people who go out of their way to try and destroy everyone’s fun and ruin the last bit of pvp that happens in the game.


If you want pvp, you could also park a toon on fury and enjoy the open world pvp. Dont need many to have fun. Also duels can be done more easy on fury.

PvP for me was destroyed a long time ago because of afkers, minis where one team is declared the winner so someone unsuspecting joins a rigged game gets hosed, hacks, exploits, ghost sieges, etc.
No amount of belated player involuntary vacations can repair the damage since it went on for years and some of it still continues, at least it seems that way.

Also always fun when PvP 10s focusing lowbies while screaming “learn to play, noob” really creates a grand environment. Wouldn’t be as bad if there were brackets.

All this has been brought up before including vote kick for minis. I seriously doubt anything will be done.


in WoW you must attack someone or be attacked to not be kicked from battleground. So you cant stay in hide and run around.

Difference between pvp T1 and pvp T3 is MOSTLY in critigation amount for armor and in dps in weapons. So we need just revamp of pvp system, because now we have 30% critigation on t1 and t2 and 50-60% on t3 that not fair because many people in pvp uses crit pots and etc.
Or we need just speed up the 1-10pvp lvl progression by cutting exp needed for lvl up in 2x and tokens, that need for gear in 2x too. Maybe more. Also we need to boost AA gain from all sources because there are too many vets that have full aa and cheaters that have bugged full aa. Novices cant stand them!

this is stupid, for couple os reasons

  1. you dont get pvp tokens for gear in open world
  2. you still will suffer from vets that played years in Fury
  3. not all classes are good for Wpvp and gank.
  4. There are TOO LITTLE online players on fury, so novice wont find any until 80 and at 80 he will be ganked by pvp pro vets.
  1. You should PvP because it’s fun, not because you need tokens. In the end it’s a game…
  2. If you would come to fury you would see there are plenty people who aren’t very good at pvp. And many who dont have maxed out pvp level and AA.
  3. You can decide which class to play so I dont see the point here. Also you dont have to “gank” and run rogue style. You could also group up with friends or like minded people and fight a common enemy in a group. Which brings me to point 4.
  4. We even fight (and sometimes win) with equal numbers where one in our group isn’t even level 80 yet. There really isn’t a reason not to contribute in a fight. A low level who uses CC correctly can be more useful then a pvp 10 who plays selfish.

for me its not fun if i dont have gear and others have. I was on fury long enough to know what kind op players left there and their gear. Mostly t3 pvp vets with full aa. No fun in pvping with them while undergeared.

U mean if i see any people? i was on fury, nothing there that you talking about.

That a lie, pvp 10 can kill 3x+ lovbies if he have brain.

You get 6 campaign badges a day for getting 60 open world kills, and more if you do the pict quest. Lots of conquest trophies from drops and bounty quests.

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You know howthis quests are completed today. By alt farm.
This topic is not about fury and open world. Its about pvp minigames and votekick that aoc was needed from release

I routinely kill pvp10 players on pre pvp5 characters on fury with little to no AA. There are some geared out boys, but I tend to see a much wider skill range in Fury PvP than Crom.

Fury is definitely smaller population, but it will always be fun brawling on that server when people are actually online.


This is easily circumvented by running around doing whitehits. Several trolls are doing this at present. They pretend to be worse players than they are simply to troll. Funcom, as the incompetent trolls they are, will do nothing.

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Doing whitehits mean that you can die in combat. At least they will have many deaths.
Also if 4 of 6 ppl decide to kick those players they will get coward debuff and be kicked.

Seems i didnt record those fights. However you can see on this video that a 1vz 2 and 2vs3 is very well possible, and the help of a lowbie would make the fight even more favorable.

Also afk trolling isn’t a problem in open world pvp

man please if you want discuss your fury pvp and open world - create topic, but dont do it there because its only distracts everyone from minigame problem.

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No, they will not die, because they often play soldiers, or will roll soldier if such a mechanism is introduced. There are only three ways of fixing the troll and cheater problem as I see it:

  1. Make GMs respond the second a troll/cheater petition is sent. Now it can go days and weeks before they show up. They have to come asap to catch them when online and doing minis.

  2. Select a few players to stream directly to a Funcom server. That way FC will get proof of cheats/trolling without the possibility of tampering with the video. They clearly dont accept video from players sent through mail or YT.

  3. Implement vote/kick, so the players can govern themselves.

Not a single thing will be done though. They are done with this game, and have no intentions of helping the players who have stayed loyal all these years. A handfull of cheaters/trolls are now ruining minis every single day (eu player, so not sure how it is for others). I log on, see who is currently in minis, and then promptly log off again. I’ve sent hundreds of petitions and several emails - with video evidence, yet nothing is being done. Funcom are incompetent and impotent when it comes to handling this issue.

Its sad but i totally agree with you. Only option left is to SPAM them on dev streams, like conan exiles ones

i created a post on reddit, please reply here too