Vote-Kick for Minis

I don’t sign up for minis when afkers are deliberately ruining mini after mini FOR HOURS. I know other pvpers will avoid minis when this happens as well. My entire time playing for the day can be ruined by these people because they will do it for hours. Minis are not fun when they are horribly imbalanced. When this happens, I have no reason to even play and I end up logging off. Please Funcom do SOMETHING. Add a votekick system, or actually punish these players who do it on purpose. I’m SURE you’ve gotten MANY petitions about them. Maybe follow through with solving some of those petitions… I think i’m going to reach a point when I give up asking on the forums and just stop playing entirely.


Its more annoying since most of the times its just one minigame running during the day and these mentally challenged people are able to stay online for hours and hours just to harass the minigames. Its just a shame that after all these years they refuse to punish these people.


Btw this is my third time making a post about this. If you can’t tell, I’m frustrated. A lot of people are frustrated. If they can’t add votekick, maybe just ban the trolls. It’s the same couple people just on different characters. I’m sure deliberately afking in minis for hours is breaking some rule of exploiting or something worth a ban… I hope ):


They aren’t afk on minis. They sit in hide but not in afk, come and try farm them and they will try run away. :woozy_face:

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it goes to show the potential of PvP in this game that it’s not dead yet, despite things such as this.

for years now, these couple of trolls have been destroying minis to the point of utter frustration for others, yet minigames are still running.

imagine how PvP would thrive if they gave the basic and most accessible PvP systems, such as minigames among other things some impactful fixes and updates


This is a daily problem. Some are intentionally creating an imbalance in the number of a team to provide an advantage of 6 v. 5 or worse, to the opposing side.

I suspect they are playing another account on the ‘farming team’, because as PlagiusAkaZurer points out, “They sit in hide but not in afk … they will try run away.”

I don’t believe vote kick is the right solution, but I hope Funcom will take a serious look at addressing this issue.

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If you implement a vote kick it will be so abused.

Say in NA times where 50%+ of the mini are eos…what do you think is gonna happen the minute 1 pro pvpr opens their mouth once?

And what do you think will happen when they see eos or eos sees blr? And let’s not even mention USB

This is THE most ignorant proposal of them all.

Here is my solution

If the character doesnt Mover, make or take damage…it logs them. I know this works since when I was pleveling people during zath FUNCOM implemented changes to do exactly this. I recommend starting with this simple fix. Itll handle low hanging afkrs as well as would be pvprs who surrender from launch cause they dont like their team.

This must be done w code not player intervention otherwise minis will become more toxic then rf and I will control access to pvp gear…just sayin

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That would do absolutely nothing since they like to hide in the back and move around once in a while.


I agree with most of your comment, minis are contaminated with afking, and so called guild minis when teams are chosen and one declared the winner before it starts, if you are queued and someone drops, you get in one these where one entire team afks. I have pointed this out to Funcom several times nothing is done on team afking or individual afking.

A vote kick could be abused, but we need a solution. let’s try it.

I would like to do some minis again, but I won’t because of afking and deliberate efforts to unfairly raise PvP level.

For me anymore, the only winning solution is not to play.

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I think ‘vote kick system’ much better than nothing and what we have now(nothing, u can’t play normal minis because you or your enemies are 5). And it will be ok if bad persons with bad reputation will be kicked from mini games. Most of players are interested in good minis, balanced, not this sh*t which we have. And may be it will be painful for some players, but they are few and i’m sure all of them aren’t good. Moreover ppl start think what write in group chat. But it should be like all 5 players in group vote to kick.

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People wanna play normal mini games, no one will abuse it. I don’t have problems with EoS players, with someone who is not very pro in pvp, if i see he/she is playing with me, with the team is very, very good! Remember, we have pros in minis who sometimes not doing thier job.


@Gardineros I have done the same as you mate, i even messaged @AndyB directly about it as well, maybe people should send him personal massages to let him know our frustrations . The element of afking in minis is getting worse , the balancing to minis is already terrible on Funcoms side with their coding , it really dosnt need the help of these trolls to ruin the balance further creating a 5 v 6 and so on.
While i do not agree with @starhunterceo very often though i do have to say at certain times of the day certain guilds will control a vote to kick with their numbers, even mini to mini it would change. what i would see is the community becoming even more separated and larger guilds just running their own in guild minis, then pugs would almost stop over night. Funcom need to take a serious look at how they police , or in many case fail to police their servers, they also should have one person on hand who responds to these kind of report/petitions a hell of a lot quicker then they do, i mean how hard can it be to log in answer a petition on a hacker/afker actually watch them, catch them then ban them.
Sadly Funcom thinks to small all the time, its why everything they release crumbles away fairly quickly compared to other game producers out there, they think of the next big thing, then they chase that forgetting all the people who paid for them to support games they made, but they drop us like yesterdays news…
I would love to see some kind of anti cheat system and maybe a timer on the afkers maybe if you go 30 seconds without being in combat you get kicked? so that if you not actively taking or dishing out damage the system will flag you and remove you. I would exclude carrying the flag though, as if you have the flag on your back imo you are still participating and a target for the other team to see :slight_smile: .

Vote-kick is easily abused as some people say, however I do think this system is the most optimal for this game at this point. I think the PvP players that actually goes into minis with the attitude to have fun doesn’t care if people are bad as long as they actually give it a shot, and try their best. Obviously it’s not always the case, but I do not think 5 people agree to kick a guy just because he isn’t performing well. Kicking an afker/cheater however 5 people can more easily agree upon. I don’t PvP myself but I can really understand the frustration on this topic. I would never play PvP either when that’s the case. Just put it in and try it out at least. Oh and move the Yes/No window to one of the sides of the screen (funcom) :smiley:

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I’m sorry to hear thats been your experience with in guild minis. when we do in house pub premades, we try to make it fun and even for both teams.

What if it took 10/12 players to kick? This would allow the enemy team to have a say in it, and they wouldn’t want to kick a player on the other team just because they suck.

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Yep that’s also one way to do it.
As said earlier I think ‘most’ people are just looking for good minis that are enjoyable.

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I agree with styggaboy the best way is for someone to step up and just organize. It’s not hard and alot of fun.

I can do it…he can do it…burns can do it…almost everyone posting here can do it.

This is the only real way to police it, generate content, rp…Andy has been nice to welcome anyone to add content.

However, might I add that s-hitt_ing on those that do try to help solve and generate content hurts said solution.

Funcom has checked out…I dunno it’s kinda nice. However they are willing to help us run our own game. Just add vision

I would never vote to kick any EoS player as long i see them trying to git gud. AFK’ing and deliberate trolling is another story


Exactly. I feel like most veteran pvpers (who make up the main player base for minis at this point) don’t care about how good/how much gear you have. As long as you are trying

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Organizing premades does not solve the problem normale mini games have. People want to log in, sign up, play some minis, log off. Having organized tournaments is a very nice addition, but they do not include players who have no team or no time for that.

Basicly not having ANY tool to deal with trolls in minis kills this content. Replacing them with other content does not fix it.