Vote kick in mini games


Bracket minis wont work because the game lacks the population. there’s just no way around this. Minis barely fill up as it is. Especially during events like the world boss week. And i’m talking about Crom here. the “most populated server”


Yes Epic garbage is doing his teleport again. Took flag in BR and scored in less than a second, got a new and teleported into a wall somewhere we couldn’t reach him.

So there we were 20 mins sitting with our thumbs up our ■■■ waiting for mini to end.

Its like I am playing on some sort of private server where people are not attending anything.


Exactly why i said “IF” the population was larger and more stable :slight_smile:

Although i am curious if more people would try minis if they knew they was not going to get chased around by PvP 10’s all game farming them for kills, especially if every 80 had PvP T1 sets as soon as you dinged 80…


Yeah i have sent countless videos of him doing that, yet he is still here, Funcom bringing their A game…


Keep sending FC the videos. Just don’t post them in global. That will get you a ban. Its not ok to talk of cheating bro.


Whats the point in keep sending them videos, they dont pay any attention to them, they allow the cheaters to remain in game, their generic message of we cant talk about the petition but will look into it is such a lie, what they need is a public shaming so everyone sees the real funcom …


The pvp community is highly toxic and there’s so much trash talking. People will vote kick others because:

  1. They’re new to PvP and aren’t acting in ways that they should because they aren’t aware
  2. They’re bad at PvP
  3. People enrage when they get defeated in PvP and will simply start a vote-kick against that person
  4. While I’m sure there are actually cheaters in PvP, people will do a vote-kick of folks they think are cheating (or have a false reputation as such) just because they can’t handle losing

I’m not sure it’d work all that well.


That work would be in vain. It’s useless to make videos to prove FC who is a cheater or a troll or constantly afk, because they simply do not accept videos as proof. That’s a fact, a GM told me this after sending him/her a link to my youtube vids! All what u get from GM are platitudes how they will check this player u mentioned… 50 minigames and petitiones later this player is still playing. They won’t do something, because they don’t have the staff for it, the money, or they need the money of this paying customer… who knows!

I have no clue why it is such a big deal to give a kick-vote button to us pvp players too. PVE players got it in RF but we are left out in the cold. What is the difference, PVE players could abuse the kick button too. So why they got it and we don’t?

I really don’t understand Funcom about this. They are making such great games but their customer support is really… abysmal. Funcom is like Opel, great products but custom-service is pretty much trash!


Nah it wouldn’t be any worse than raidfinder. And it’s working out fine for RF. You’re highly exaggerating the PVP community also. There are a small handful of people who are truly toxic and they would likely be receiving the most kick votes anyway. We need the power to clean house.


I think thats why if you make it 7/12 votes for 12 man minis and maybe 15 for sag , the other team isnt going to kick a lowbie knowing a pvp 10 could replace it so kicks would be legit , everyone will kick a hacker though. We need this feature…


I guess i am more stubborn the the other mice , not that it takes much…

On another note Wonderful to see the GM’s ignoring as usual keep up the good work drinking coffee or whatever it is you get payed for.


I would be surprised if they don’t give us a vote kick in minis to be honest. Just exercise a little patience, i know it’s hard and frustrating. The suggestion is out there now and funcom is mulling it over or making plans to add it in or not. You could always check testlive to see upcoming changes before they go live. I want to say the testlive forums were still up but i cant find them. Is there a new testlive forum?


Yeah i agree, it would solve the problem for funcom and for us, if we get to police and remove the comber all stars like Funcom refuse to do the hacking problem in minis is gone. Id still like a little more pvp content as well , even a new mini :slight_smile:


Well anyone can speculate that it won’t work well and come up with any reasons they like, Mussagana has done so, some players have done so, but that’s all it is, speculation.

My speculation is that it would be used a bit sparingly because no one really wants to be 5 v 6, there are people that will be instantly kicked because they have been trolling minis for years or are known combers, as they should. I don’t think you’ll get 4 or 5 people clicking yes to a vote kick because a player is PvP 1…

But none of the speculation means anything. We don’t know how it will work unless it’s tried.

Trial it for a few weeks and see what happens. There isn’t any reason not to.


Yeah only way to know for sure is to trial it, honestly if it gets the cheaters out of the mini games im all for it, they need to go, its time…

Funcom wont Ban at least give us the power to kick.


well 3 hours ago i put a petition into Funcom of a certain Ranger Starting with an S we all love, 3 hours they done minis on their sin, using auto target and speedhacks, and in that time funcom manage to reply to the petition but not actually go into the mini and look, what a useless bunch we have running this game, 3 straight hours they have had to go look, they take the time to answer the petition just to fob you off, give us the vote to kick, you might not give a S**t about your product funcom, so let us the player base clean it up for you and do you’re jobs while you do nadda…


Who are you talking about?


Think I know who is he talking about (and it isn’t even a cheater). However the better question at this point is who is Itburns in game. So much whining about cheaters is highly suspicious IMO (as in, I suspect the problem is on his side). Also, did he just write “auto target”? :smiley:


I saw a few of his Videos where a certain DT very obviously teleports around in a mini game. I don’t play PvP at all but I have seen similar things when I payed a few matches every now and then. Also, I have seen people do it in PvE as well, (most of the time these players got a very high PvP level), juat as an example: There was a ranger in our group who constantly teleported around, he said it was Lag but somehow he managed to teleport outside of the map or into locked locations before we could enter, palace of yun rau for example, he enters walks a few steps and teleports too far into the boss room before we killed yun rau at the stairs the first time. Same happened in Yag where a person found the orb in roughly 5 seconds by teleporting from thr top layer to the other ones and back to the top.


@biglouis if you want to know who i am go to my youtube page and look at my videos mate , i have been doing my research, and if i posted what i have found on some of the websites you would see what is avaialbe also what i ment was Intarget which is : Show names of characters, who got you in target Run from focus right in time,Kill most dangerous to you characters before they kill you,Auto target was a typo my apologies…
So easy to google and see which websites claim to have it and undetected by funcom, which we know is true because they dont have any anti cheat , again id post the websites but i know the thread would get closed, it isnt hard to google and find where these people find their cheats… try to educate yourself.