Vote kick in mini games


@biglouis if you want to know who i am go to my youtube page and look at my videos mate , i have been doing my research, and if i posted what i have found on some of the websites you would see what is avaialbe also what i ment was Intarget which is : Show names of characters, who got you in target Run from focus right in time,Kill most dangerous to you characters before they kill you,Auto target was a typo my apologies…
So easy to google and see which websites claim to have it and undetected by funcom, which we know is true because they dont have any anti cheat , again id post the websites but i know the thread would get closed, it isnt hard to google and find where these people find their cheats… try to educate yourself.


How do you confirm if someone is using these cheats?


Clearly everyone who beats him up is a cheater


“Show names of characters, who got you in target Run from focus right in time,Kill most dangerous to you characters before they kill you”

Seriously? It takes no third party tool to do any of that, how could a third party tool even help with that? You just described what competent players have been doing since release. You even have target’s target enabled in your videos! Are you trolling us? If the hack seller is saying that it’s just pure marketing BS to make more $$$$$ (and steal some credit card/aoc account info along the way…).


I got beat up by a barb a few times, he must have been cheating :face_with_monocle:


Think he’s saying that it shows all the players that have you targeted, I know comber has that.


Biglouis is just trolling the thread nothing more , maybe he has a vested interest in nothing being done about it , the cheats are out there and very very easy to find , people like to deflect away from the issues at hand , instead of contributing to tackling these issue’s they like to flame , originality at its finest…


The fact you dont even understand the tool shows you know nothing about it, try to educate yourself on how the program’s work , a quick google will explain it , its obvious how seeing names of everyone targetting you would be of benefit instead of just relying on targets target for one person , if you want to play the role of troll try harder…


As far as im aware the only ones you can confirm are the comber which if you go to my youtube chan you can see , i recorded one person in particular who is very clear , and the other is teleports which is also very clear , others also have some great videos catching players using them , well worth a look imo .


Alright didn’t know about that. I don’t see that as a big deal though (unlike the comber/speedhack itself) but I’m sure it can help some of those idiots to avoid a few deaths (or well try to because they always suck so bad anyway).


What is your youtube channel?


~ and a Ranger …


What I want to know is do these cheats have some sort of auto back step on an incoming knock-back because a lot of people that I fight out in the open or in the arena seem to backstep my knockbacks 80% of the time and I’m pretty ■■■■■■■■ quick with those kbs. I try to be as unpredictable as possible but somehow it’s almost automatic it feels like.


I couldn’t say tbh, in all the things i have seen online that has never come up. But i would imagine a simple macro for double tap back would be easy enough to run through a naga or a G13 or some similar device.
Also if you do lots of duels lots of duelers are good at reading situations as you would be , obviously i dont need to tell you but you learn peoples fakes a moves after just a few duels. Unless its a Ranger class with their 100% invul exploit , then it dosnt matter how well you read things :slight_smile:


Is possible to see incomming kb by a few things: switching weapons, pre step with specific appearance, people are trying to aim in just a millisecond longer then normal combo’s due to the importance of the kb.
When dueling a lot, you will start to know this, without paying special attention.
Indeed, a simple macro on mouse or keyboard makes double tap easy


I agree with players that sign and then declare “afk” because they don’t like the teams and cheaters should be removed. But I also think there could be much abuse to new 80s with no gear. So it’s a toss up. Mini games have enough inherent problems without adding another reason for the causal non pro pvper to not play them.


This guy/gal GETs it ~


@Jarafin Yes i think that is the key reason you need say 8 from a 12 man minis, and 15 from a 24 mini ( sag) , because think about it, if you see a level 80 blue geared toon on the other team you are not going to kick him, but if you see a pvp 10 known combering player you are going to kick him, the 60% vote should safe guard the lowbies, and it should, we was all lowbies at some point, i am leveling a lowbie barb myself now, i have 5 pvp 10’s the pain of the lowbie is real, but they deserve to put in the time same as we all did at some point, i have faith the 60% vote will give us justice .
I cant stand 2 things, AFK’s in minis and cheaters , i love lowebies, it means more people are trying to get into pvp, and we need all the fresh blood we can get ( excuse the pun).

One thing i would love to know as well is if we get the power to vote kick these cheaters, how many pvpers who have left due to these people would pvp again, they really have taken a toll on the mini game side of aoc over the last few years, and cost our community a lot of good/fun players…


The Community as a whole has lost people due to the constant filth posted in Global Chat by the PvP community ~ let’s reflect on that.



You know there is a function called “Ignore”… Reflect on that too