Add votekick for minigames


Coming here for the same reason everyone else is. We all know who the player is that’s ruining these minis. Its not like he’s gloated about it in global many times or anything. The GM’s have to know. I stopped playing this game and canceled my subscription because I was so upset about people being able to abuse minis like this. I come back after a few months and two days later already want to stop playing again.
Minis tend to have a player that underperforms, and this is always going to happen. But almost always if they at least say sorry they are trying their best, or are open to criticism, people stop being mad at them. I doubt vote-kick will be abused more than it would help. When I perform terribly on my low level character I do this and people calm down.
Anyways this is probably my #1 complaint about the game right now. It’s the only thing in this game that can actually make me quit playing entirely. Worse than cheaters in minigames or whatever other problem people complain about. This needs a fix. ADD VOTE TO KICK TO MINIS


Exactly. I’ve felt the same way. There have been two times I’ve quit the game in the past couple of years out of frustration and it was mostly because of this, and not for the cheaters (or it was the combination of both).

Like in all multilplayer games, you win or you lose. There’s always an objective. I, like everyone else, like to win, but losing teaches you from your mistakes. But you always improve and keep trying to win. I used to have a pretty good Capture the Skull win ratio, but now it’s being ruined because of these two players. Why? Because, as soon as they are in one team, that team, most of the times, will have already given up as soon as the mini starts or they realise these players are griefing. So, after weeks of playing with these players (it’s mostly the one, the most infamous one, lately), my stats are getting ruined, but I’ve come to learn that I can’t care about it if I want to somewhat enjoy PvP in Crom, so I go for kills instead, losing a lot of minis in the process. When, on top of these griefers, you have to fight a cheater, even though they are noobs, you can end up exploding. It’s impossible to play calm and try to win in Crom, as if it were any other multiplayer game.

Moreover, I’ve heard, in Crom, that a player got banned for cheating in Saga, and now he is playing all the time in Crom. So, if it is true that cheaters get banned in Saga, but, of course, still not in Crom, that’s just insulting. Yesterday I got mad after a couple of minis against this player. Not because he could beat me (because he is terrible, that’s why he cheats in the first place), but because it is just simply unfair to play with a cheater. How hard is it to grasp?


The dt/conq we all know on Crom has been trolling minis for literally years. He has been reported hundres of times, yet nothing has been done. You would think that after YEARS of petitions Funcom would actually do something, but no. Recently I found out why. They have no system for the petitions.

Once a petition is answered it is gone from the system. A few weeks ago I yet again petitoned this dt/conq for trolling minis. A GM later contacted me asking if I could elobarate on my petition. He literally had no idea who this player is or how long it has gone on for. They are THAT clueless. Nothing will be done about this player. EVER!. I guarantee that. Nothing will be done about the other trolls either, cause for some reason refusing to actively help your team (either by full afk or just running around the home base whole game) is not concidered harassment anymore. It used to. And it used to be dealt with. Not anymore though.

The very few cheaters that are banned, are not even perma banned. They get a slap on the wrist and soon after are back in the game, still cheating. And the cheaters know this ofc. That it takes months and months, or never, to get caught, and when caught they merely get a short period of ban. Funcom has zero focus on this game, as does the GM’s pretending to investigate our petitions against these trolls. No knowledge of the game and no time to put into the investigations equals no trolls or cheaters being dealt with.

As if this wasnt enough. Now there is a system in place to deal with trolls in the raid finder. But Funcom refuse to even put it into mini games even for a trial period. The one thing that would make this game playable again is being refused us for some unknown reason, which they dont even have the decency to explain to us.

As far as I am concerned they are spitting in our collective faces.


I’ve been thinking about this, and there is only one possible explanation for the fact that neither the gms nor the devs want to do anything about it: This guy must be a f4i1c0m employee, who’s job is to disappoint the players and make them quit. :thinking:

Actually, I feel very sorry for this guy, it must be really a terrible job. :laughing:
Also, I hope f4i1c0m is paying him the best health insurance available, because if even 1/100 of the curses people throws at him reaches the target, he’ll surely need it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now there is a third griefer, or maybe the same one as the not-so-infamous, with a new toon. It’s a guard from a different guild but they are AFK in hide in every mini.


This has been a frustration for many of us, for many years , I have reported certain players countless times over and over with video evidence and even added time stamps so the gms dont have to watch whole videos, in one a certain player teleports 15 times in the mini game, combers 5(that my video caught was probably others when not in view) and then hops into the wall with the flag when we was losing 1-0, Funcom wont ban this people , they refuse to deal with them. A vote to kick IS the only way to deal with them as we need to be given the power to police the servers mini games ourselves as Funcom refuse .I realize at the same time people will be concerned about people using it to kick noobs, but i honestly dont think they will, id rather have a under geared noob trying in minis then these a##clowns who just 1. cheat 2. afk . I am sure when i speak 99% of pvpers would agree that it is purely for these “special players” the vote to kick system would be used.



even if you can’t or won’t implement a votekick system in minigames,

any chance you could permaban the couple of guys griefing minigames all day years on end? (they go afk all game)

it’s ridiculous how much they destroy minigames.


Yes! They are actually makin ppl quit.

@AndyB You should rly do some about this asap


I’m not doing minigames anymore on Crom. It’s just pointless. There are at least 4-5 different individuals that just destroy them, and they are all of them complete nolifers since whenever i log in, i check who is in mini and they are always there (this has been going on for years by the way).

There is the afk squad and the teleport with flag from one room to the other squad.


Wow so I wasn’t hallucinating when seeing this O.o
I literally play one single mini game in years because I am bored and encounter this…


Ye, that guard who picks up flag and teleports under the map until your team drops flag… lol what a lowlife! And hes there all day along with thoose afk’rs. That afk pvp3 guard whos even bragging in global about how he ruins the game for the rest of us. Laughing his ■■■ off while funcom does NOTHING.

Ive been on saga and fury a lot so havent seen this happening often like this b4. Now crom is only for RF.

I rly hope theese lowlifers doesnt go fury cuz then where are we gonna go to play. Different game probly.



No, you weren’t hallucinating.
And Natti, its not only that guard, there is this DT that does exactly the same thing too. Also, they don’t just teleport under the map, they actually teleport as soon as they pick the flag to their flagroom within 2 seconds and cap.


So gamebreaking! I mean, ofc ppl dont want to be a part of that s…t!

Things like that should rly earn a permaban! I dont care about the occasional teleporter, speedhacker who runs out to not die. All of them are usually crappy players anyway… but theese guys runs flags and shuts down entire days of minigames. Along with the guys who we all know just join every mini and afk for the whole thing and bragz about it in global.

We need a fix on this asap! @AndyB

The community will provide charnames if needed


If they add vote to kick, give players that are kicked alot coward debuff with logarythmic duration! :joy:

I would really like to see vote to kick. +100!

But yeah, limiting the vote to once per mini per player might be smart. That could be nice in rf too! :slight_smile:


Notice how the flag never leaves our spawn on the mini map. That’s because he is under it. Hard to see sometimes throughout the video but it’s clear as day. Same with the assassin on the other team. You don’t even have to play the game to notice something is wrong in this picture.


It’s incredible how this can go unnoticed for such a long time, even just the duration of that mini game should be enough for a GM to investigate this.
I can’t tell how bad it is over the course of several days since I normally don’t play PvP at all but since many people here say that these few people shut down mini games for multiple days (for years) is just insane.

This video simply shows that these few cheaters make mini games completely unplayable, given that PvPers only have very limited content variety this is pretty damn game breaking.

Also the fact that people who use these cheats are just banned for a short duration is beyond me. Hackers must be permanently banned not just temporarely, just delete their account forever, I don’t know any other game that handels cheaters like that, normally your account is gone when you get caught cheating.


The thing is Force, that it isn’t even that often you see blatant cheater, nor do they impact the well-being of minigames to the extent that the AFK griefers do. I did thousands of minigames, but only a handful times saw someone do the teleport cap mentioned here. AFK griefers on the other hand, they are present every day, all day (literally! for their respective timezones)

These afk griefers have no life and do it all day. so when there is just one mini running, all minigames are ruined.


That’s true, if they are there every day at every hour it’s very game breaking. A raid finder might still work if there are 3 or 4 people (or even 6) AFK but in a 6 vs. 6 match it’s probably extremely bad to have like 2 AFKers in one team.
I just know this from other games (mainly Overwatch) that in a 6 vs. 6 environment the team with less people got a very bad disadvantage but I guess it’s similar in AoC.

Even though I don’t play PvP I fully support a kick feature in mini games to replace these AFKers, it made RF much more pleasant and would probably do the same for mini games.


I’m surprised this hasn’t been implemented yet… no wait i’m really not. this has been suggested previously and believe it or not there were players opposed to the idea, afraid of it “being abused” frankly i think personally the benefits outweigh the risks. Just my 2 cents. Carry on lads


How about 4 out of 6 last minigames i tried to do in the past 3 days? Thats what you call a handful of times? :stuck_out_tongue: