Votekick for Minis



They simply ignore questions on livestreams they don’t want to answer. On the last one, It was asked five times about free transfers to Fury Post Saga and they never said a word.


I have to be honest here, I have never played a PvP mini game in AoC and I don’t know how skilled I am (not very probably) , but I would try. In other games nothing annoys me more than leechers in team competitions if we aren’t getting vote kick couldn’t a feature be added that if they were reported by several players in two/three different mini games in an hour that they get some sort of “death penalty” and can’t nominate for a minigame for a day or so.


As I said before, Funcom does not have a petiton system where they can see how many times a player has been petioned. They loose all data every time they close a ticket. It’s the only explanation for letting the trolls and cheaters run around ruining mini after mini for literally years.
Also, I believe there is a script or program that lets them see if a GM is watching the mini. I’ve had a GM watch cheaters or trolls during a few minis, and each time the players in question actually plays legit. Soon after, when the GM is no longer watching, the players resume cheats and/or trolling.

But remember that the GMs are not any good at AoC. They dont play the game or have any knowledge about its mechanics at all. So when it comes to cheaters they will most likely not understand what they are looking at anyway. As far as trolls go, they seem to take the approach that anyone can play the game the way they choose. A few years back trolling minis was concidered harassment, but not anymore.

All in all, Funcom and its GMs are impotent and incompetent when it comes to AoC and its cheaters/trolls. Nothing will be done, and my time after having played this game since 2008, and having 30 characters, is drawing to an end. Funcom is letting the sosiopaths win.


I guess a tournament in the server that is, luckily, not affected by these leeches is more important than fixing a years-long issue that could well affect Fury if these players decided to play there. I like the idea of tournaments - it promotes competitive gameplay - but, when I’m burnt due to this issue, I don’t have the slightest interest in that, because what’s good in a few-days clean games if the rest of the time we’re going to be having minis ruined?

I heard that a cheater got permabanned in Saga, before the server shut down. If this is really true, it’s a spit on our faces, and it seems to mean PvP is only regulated in the PvP servers, and, since Crom is a PvE server, completely ignoring PvP griefers and cheaters is justified. I really hope what I heard was a lie.



what’s needed isn’t just these organized activities, but easily accessible fun - which minis can be


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Honestly if funcom would reply on the issue of vote to kick the post wouldnt decend the way it does , people’s frustration boils over with lack of response and we get what these threads turn into , i see no reason why they can not just answer the question its not complicated to respond . with the trolls we have to deal with in mini games the last few years the frustration is building. As a community we would like an answer from Funcom . As for @ISawTheDevil you are against this always so its clear you must be one of our mini game friends fearing his time is coming to an end.
If the code can be transfered over from rf there is no real reason not to do it , surely it cant be that difficult. How anyone could be against this feature in minis tells you all you need to know about them as players.


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I agree with this, let’s give them some taste and teach them not whining about a feature this game have and they do not play. Let’s gather a nice amount of players and put them on the forum, starting with forbidding users with T5+ to even join a T4 raid. Also i want a pvp game where if you kill someone he drops his items. Feel free to delete of flag this post, this is what is going to happen.


I just played a mini with the worst of the two leeches and I managed to lure a couple of enemies and get him killed once, which was satisfying. Then I moved on to help my team and I fought this wannabe-pro carnage conq who, after a couple of times failing miserably 1 vs 1, even though he is “extremely dextrous” with his combos, the third time he teleported from the small corridor behind middle, at the bottom, in HV, to the top middle. It was a matter of seconds, so it couldn’t have been a fear under the map. Minis are great!


So, you’re reading the forum. Great.
Would be even better, if you actually give the company’s opinion about the subject…



Sorry mate this is a vote to kick mini game thread not a pve thread about banning T5 + in pve T4.
As for dropping loot i loved that feature on Deathwish and then Rage when we was merged into it , it works well in open world but would be pointless in instanced minis games as it would just stop people doing minis , i only use pvp gear in minis but lots do not , its about strengthing the pvp experience not weakening it.
Given the tool of vote to kick would go a decent way towards making minis more enjoyable , we will never get to group for minis anymore but for random luck , but kicking the trolls who are harming the experience for all is something we should be allowed to control. Funcom do not police their servers well at all , so they should let their players , the ones who truly know the game mechanics and the community to do it for the good of all.


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I can assure you that they read the forums


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