Minigame Vote kick

Minigame Vote kick need to be after 2 minutes… It will be very fair and more than enough time for the team to give a decision to kick or not, Let’s say a Team with 6/6 players (Full team) in a minigame agaisnt a team with someone AFK or lost connection, Does the short team really need to wait FIVE minutes so they can kick them? that’s really a very long time for a 20 minutes match, I hope this topic takes some care and attention. Thanks!


I agree that 5 minutes is way too long. 5 minutes in pvp is an eternity, a lot can happen and the outcome of the mini can easily be decided by then.

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Im agree with you Whedii, 2 min instead of 5 would be much better

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I agree so far the system looks to be very effective but 5 mins is to long, the cool down should be around 2 minutes, but the vote kick has been very effective in kicking the trolls and perma afks


I am not sure. Maybe 5 minutes is enough for a new person to show his skills…

Hopefully people are not kicking new people just the known trolls whos names we can not mention, i can say i have not seen any new players kicked from minis so far, 5 minutes is 25% of a mini , seems a long time to have to play as 5 with these people trolling us.

Agreed, i mentioned this the same day as the patchnotes. I hope they give this some attention aswell.
2min sounds good.


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5mins way to long beeing handicaped 5 vs 6 or even 4/3?!?
anyway if person get kick is in most cases its right to get it

agree. 5m too much long. need vote in 2m

I agree. 2 minutes would be perfect.

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Most minis are decided in the first 5 min.
So yeah, totally agree!


Or why don’t you guys stop doing trash pugs and do premades

We are trying, like every week :frowning:

unfortunately there aren’t too many players interested due to onslaught farming, general lack of interest, inactivity, and timezone issues :frowning: