Mini Game Solution

In raid finder there must be a certain amount of tanks, heals, and dps or it simply will not pop.

Why can’t something like this be done for mini games (eso does this).

Each team has 1 tank, 1 healer, 4 dps. The mini pops and you have balance. It isn’t a perfect solution of course but it would be an incredible start to establish some balance.

I think it should be a separate mode though due to low population of the game.


Because a lot of times you don’t have that perfect balance. If they do what you suggest then you’ll be waiting hours instead of minutes for a mini to pop. If they would pop at all.


I actually mentioned that already in the post.

Unfortunately the low population is the reason why this can’t be a separate mode.

then forget it we can just keep having horrid mini games…or none because people will just keep leaving the game because nothing changes

Oh don’t get me wrong. I would rather have no minis than continue with the joke that is happening atm, but the majority don’t share this view.


if this would be implemented along with “sign up with 1 or 2 friends”, the issue with no pops would solve itself i think, ppl would log their heal and tank to pop minis.


You are so right about being able to sign up with friends!