Minigames... now... :P

Im absolute shure somebody has suggestet this before, but the Srg.F Search brought nothing so…

This Game realy needs Minigames like in AoC or TsW or many other Games… Battlegrounds or what ever they be called.

The Problem is…
Even with a good Serverpopulation i bearly meet anybody on the road.
If i meet somebody who dont attack me i most likely dont attack him. I like pvp but im not the guy who starts trouble with anybody anywhere, and another Thing, Im not in a big Clan so if I bash some random Guy and he is unfortunatley in big clan im Fu#ked.
Yes you can say thats just me, but i see many people acting the same way so i think its not just me.
With Minigames you can fight anybody without starting beef in the long Therm you can mess with friends and allys. That does not mean you shouldnt start some beef anymore… beef is awesome!

One important Point is also that PVP often dont last long.
Lets say there is a Situation you meet someone it comes to a fight you lose. That fight took a Minute maby… yeah!
Now you have to go all the way back from where ever you spawned. Is the Guy still there, is your Stuff lootet, du you have Spare Armore, shure you shuld have some, but maby you first have to craft some stuff.
How will you ever get some rutine for PVP…?
With Minigames you can practice PVP without loosing your Stuff all the Time and you can have a few Fights in a row.

I know it also was said Players have to organize everything by their self so get a Clan, build an Arena geather some People with the same intetions and have Fun.
That’s a good approach, but in Practice that dosnt work for a lot of People as far as i know.

Some infrastructure is needed to have a Quick Brawl without making miles crafting stuff or starting a War when you have an Hour left after Work and you just want to have a few Fights.

I realy like the Game so far and i believe you will improve it so that the Time we invest is well spend.

I hope there will be some feedback on this thing.



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build an arena and post signs. People will respond, lots of servers have arenas for PVP fun

TSW is dead thats true but in what way does that have anything to do with minigames?
I played TSW a lot and i was also very active in the Forums.
I hear that the first Time that Minigames are the Reason for anything bad in TSW.
TSW was extremley missing some open PVP Servers but thats another thing.
Do not get me wrong, i dont mean just Minigames, i mean Minigames in addition to the open PVP and for PVE-Servers as an optional PVP.


Thanks for your Response guys


As i said in my post (not shure if you read it completely) i heard that a few Times and it is a good Idea but…
Even if i was willing to do what you suggest which im not, i dont have the Time to build an Arena with everything in it, defend it against Purge and Decoy and play the Animator on an officiall Server to get some PVP going.
In my opinion there has to be an easy and fast way to have some PVP to train fighting and to have a few fights when you dont have much Time left at the End of the Day.


Ok that is new to me, i left the Game when it was half dead, maby that was after my Time i dont know.
Anyway, do you have any Ideas to bring us some easy and fast PVP besides Minigames or from FC integrated Arenas?

But when i look at the response to my Post it seems there are not many Players see it the way i do.
Very sad.

If it is not Minigames or an Arena build within the Game with some mechanics that make fast PVP easy
then I hope there will be somthing else.
Right now it is boring as Hell.
As much as i like the Game and its Style, the only Fun I have here is look at my nice Base and grind for the next lvl for no exact reason.
That is just not enough… for me at least…
I realy hope FC has something in the Pipeline to solve this.


Message the people online when you play, and just tell them you would like to do some pvp fighting. establish some rules and go do it on the rock outcrop or something. You will be surprised at how many will respond that are willing to just have some sparring.

What system do you play on, I’m PS4 send me a message ill come and spar with you. PSN: SprialValve