Please unlock minigames tokens/questline

I like how good minigames are popping. Personally I did not fall in love with open world pvp since its feels like a mix of WB and mentally disorderd people :sunglasses: and all the technical flaws like fps drop. Yeah i have a decent rig, optimized settings, but EU latency and regions like wild Lands always lag. So I would love minigames if they give daily rewards questline as usual. Otherwise they feel a bit wasted. At which level will token rewards get unlocked?
Btw now ppl ignore goal of minigame. Questline would change this.


by tracking for “kill” score on the “kills leaderboard” only the highest damage over time done to a target before it’s death while not tracking assist or killing blow stats in a teamplay oriented CTF minigame and without for example any flag picked up, flag dropped or flag capped leaderboard while tracking every deaths for the k/d leaderboard, people tend to care more about their individual ranking on their tracked stats and play like it’s a TFFA instead of a CTF.


disable minigames on saga please. the only fun thing is wpvp

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So far i am glad minis exist since world pvp is a zerg like uncordinated mess, that does add about the same to the game as WB in Pve…

im also positive about this
i even thought its already in when i suddenly got quest reward after one Totem Torrent minigame at current bracet
but didnt get any more so it had to be bugg
i would love to have those quest prior to lvl 80, much more incentetive to play it to win rather to just k/d ■■■■■ like plenty of ppl do now espeically when leaderboards are on
thats adds alot for lowbies to play with since while on saga festivals are played and normally lowbies are pretty much excluded from it since places are crowded with lvl 80s (not talking about how poor pvp exp rewards are at those levels, gish 20 minutes minigame to earn 1/50 of lvl 1 pvp …), we had in past lvl 19 or 39 fight clubs for those who value its flavour and now with halt exp option that could bring it back to the table, also if there is any other thing to mention here it would be to make pvp exp rewards like it was in past at very start of it, so no less exp for lower level pvp but same as at 80, progres with pvp exp and levels is already exploited let it be alt farming or spoiled by troll in minigames so full package at low level could only help it i believe

and minis are about ignoring the objective and preserving kd ratio. so much more fun than a escalating wpvp bloodbath. if youre getting zerged, join the 2nd biggest group participating in the pvp. theres typically at least 2 major parties in these zergs.