Suggestions for PvP mini games

To make PvP minis viable, I offer the following suggestions for players for Crom (don’t know what Fury is like these days)

  1. Welcome New pvpers with constructive advice. Who takes flag, support roles, etc. Insults do nothing and causes many to leave.
  2. Use vote kick only for obvious afking, cheaters, etc.
  3. Play as group and try to win as a group. Those that do usually fair better than the scatter approach. K/D will happen anyway.
  4. Lowbies know they will die alot, yes it’s part of the learning curve, so don’t be upset when you are killed. Let 10s battle each other but accept when you are an opportunity kill.
  5. Fight hard, play to win and die well.
  6. Don’t leave because you don’t like the group balance. It’s often not balanced anyway.
  7. Don’t rez pad camp, that goes with trying to win the mission at hand.

Let’s enjoy PvP again!

If the ragers affect you, the only you can do is ignore them. It’s always the same people anyway and there are few of them. Most wont speak or not be terribly offensive.

Outside of that, yes pad camping sucks, there are some k/d whores but it’s not the main issue. Usually there are 2-3 people on a team who won’t do it. The problem on Crom is usually with the retàrded flagbots Who bring the flag to the spawn. Given how broken and uninterruptible flag mechanics are, it’s very easy to get your whole team camped by being a flaggot.

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The worst are people who do not pick up the flag and give up. Bringing the flag to the camping area is a good idea for a non-soldier class, for example, as another solider will pick the flag up after your death.

I see nothing wrong with fighting at the resurrection-pad area, as it is part of the mechanics: if the other team does not want it, they can move to another location within 15 seconds (people have invulnerability).

As for the Jarafin’s rule. I like the first 6 suggestions.

Also, do not forget to report those who will force you into giving up or dropping the flag, as it is, in essence, assisting the enemy team.

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If you are getting farmed on respad and teams are unbalanced, I don`t see problem giving up on flag to finish game and start new one, only map worth getting farmed is LT ,since you can win there by lava accident

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I think we need one rp pvp pve server. And some pr )

Welcome new players? Lol, i got kicked because i have low gear but i fight all the time. Nice attitude and bote kick using.

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i would also kick you, it`s insane hearing all that q_q :smiley:

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You cant kick me because i dont play

I remember trying minis for the first time back on Rage. The flame and toxicity I experienced there as noob have never been paralleled. I can’t speak for how it is on Crom/Fury now but it sure as hell made me lose interest for a good while. I suppose you need a thick skin.

Great post and really is the only thing that has any chance of making pvp even semi-viable in this game. Vote kick alone has done way more harm than good as the pvp community has allowed it to become an avenue to kick players simply because they’re lower ranked or just trying to learn. That’s the fastest way to kill something. Much of the players who think they are so great at pvp are those raking up kills on easy marks, completely ignoring the actual tactics of the match, and then they vote kick someone who is level 2 pvp lol. The very same people voting these new players are terrible pvp players…it’s just a zerg. Get some class and realize if you enjoy PvP in AoC, it is on virtual life-support…do not kick someone if they are trying. All the changes the pvp community has asked for, has brought it to this point…now the community is so small that level 1’s are forced into matches with folks who’ve been pvping on the same toon sadly for a decade. And these same creeps forgo tactics to farm and complain about these new players who with some support, could make minis viable again. Completely moronic.


random signings brought us to this and that what was majority of cry-babies asking on forums back in 200X. pvp is about communication so let people play with friends who at least can listen to calls in voice chat… it makes no sence to play PvP without communication when 1ms can decide who wins


I just logged on after many years and am very upset that there are still only the same 5 pvp maps.
It would be so easy for the devs to just copy and paste pve zones to make new pvp maps and then have the map that is chosen be randomly selected for those who signed up for pvp.

There is only one reason for this, most of the $$ is from doing dungons and dungons bring in $$.
However, I never cared as much about doing the dungons and only did them to get better weapons for pvp and that is what kept me paying $$

I doubt the managers ever understood that unfortunately. I asked for this same simple request many years ago! :frowning:

Check our this community developed app by @chiefqueef. It adds stat tracking, objectives, and ELO based matchmaking to world pvp.

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The biggest problem is actually the lack of teamwork in most minigames.
Usually you can feel more comfortable when one of the rare Guardians pick up the flag but even then, without tactical teamwork it might end up a defeat.

There is even minigames you can win against OP teams actually if you really work together.
Sometimes you might have an enemy close to death and nearby your team needs assistance to fend off the enemy group so i believe it’s a matter of priorities.

Regarding the crap talk, when i first started i answered the same way. Just don’t close the group chat because of them, usually there are some Vets trying to coordinate us and it can be the difference between Victory or Defeat.

So i recommend to anyone new not taking seriously the flaming they might receive. Answer the same way and tell them to behave.

It’s also a good idea to level up with friends and get T1 armor and AAs a bit and only join a minigame once you finally understand your class and builds. Then… You gonna need training and that’s the tricky one cause you can’t learn everything by yourself.
Understanding your builds and combo rank setup is also very critical since you will discover that you might needs that extra edge of dmg output and eventually settle with a fighting style. As you get used to the movement you might choose more burst to get that kill beside the risk since that can be managed etc. etc.

Edit: I wanna add something as well, it was a long time since it happened again.

The most ungrown stupid child, will start with ‘‘Profane behaviour’’ only to get answered at the same way. It’s not online chat issue it’s about ‘‘Rules & Behaviour’’ It’s a ‘‘Social Matter’’ of ''Respecting people you don’t know or anything about them.
When somebody in the street insults you, you usually end up in a fight. In a minigame they might as well vote kick the insulted one if he answers back and you just get pissed off.

This issue can’t be fixed without active surveillance thus many will not learn to behave. We’re simply left with the ignore option. So the ‘‘Rule’’ Profanity/ Discrimination/ Solicitation etc. doesn’t work at all here…