To the PvP Community

Now i want this to get the attention it deserves without being closed, so everyone please humor me and do not turn this into a flame post , Support it and reply by all means, but lets try and be constructive until it gets closed by the GM’s.

There are certain issues in minis games that everyone is aware of, this has been going on for some time now , it has now finally hit a tipping point … People have finally stopped signing to mini games because of these known issues with known people . PvP has slowly been dying off, but certain individuals have dramatically accelerated the process and i feel that the PvP side of this game is about to finally die .
The trolls are close to winning in their aim of killing PvP in this game , now what i want to try and discuss is what are our options as the pvp community who still want to play, i enjoy seeing the pug premades, but its usually high level high skilled players, what i want to know is what can we do as a community to exclude these trolls but still welcome lowbies? i know everyone is all about balance , but as with pugs the perfect balance to teams is sometimes just literally not signed up to mini . Would it be an option for us to just go global and advertise non troll minis and get 12 randoms to join group/raid and sign up? effectively taking the trolls out of the picture while still allowing all skill levels to take part in minis?

Id love to hear suggestions from people as to things we can do , Funcom wont do the right thing on behalf of the community, but we the community can take steps to black list these trolls imo if we all come to some kind of agreement on a system to work for us all.


Some ideas I have had in the past.

  1. Low PvP level pugs/premades. Set caps say PvP 1-3, 4-6, so on.
  2. Under 80 PvP pugs/ premades. Same idea, but for those under 80 with no PvP levels. brackets as well on PvP levels on under 80 levels.
  3. Set a community Saga of blood type situation, without starter boxes, so we can fight with only what we find or buy in game.

I remember the days of level 19 battles on White Sands on Fury. Long gone, and I cannot speak on the current state of minis now, because of many issues listed by ltburns, and other issues- I don’t PvP anymore.

Currently, I am not playing much these days having found a couple of new gaming obsessions- but I hope to play more AoC, if we get the new content, even a saga would work, or if I was confident that PvP had been fixed to at least a tolerable degree.


I like your ideas. One criticism I have though, is that it’s not always exclusively about PvP level. Of the active players, there are many pvp10s who are still learning what it means to play in a coordinated group environment, or how to PvP in general.

From my experience, the best thing the community can do is just create pug premades and duke it out with whoever shows up. This allows players exclude the obvious trolls. However, it is definitely hard to organize, especially if you’re trying to get new players involved. Many do not have patience or desire to join such coordinated efforts, even if all players involved are fresh to PvP.

The big issue I’ve seen is lack of leaders who are receptive to PvP. Many have no desire to learn or participate in an environment that’s so fundamentally different from PvE encounters. If we had leaders from some of the big PvE guilds that encouraged their members to PvP, we might have a larger PvP population.

There’s actually a pretty sizable population playing AOC, but we don’t see any of them because they’re all doing their own thing. I doubt many even know how to sign up for minigames.

The best thing anyone can do is to reach out and try to get people involved. Many won’t like PvP, but maybe some will who never have PvP’d before.


No argument at all. PvP level isn’t everything is completely true, but it is daunting for new to PvP players to compete against high levels including 10s. I would love to see trolls, cheats,afkers, grief-ers etc dealt with so anyone, new or not could enjoy mini games again. I am fairly pessimistic, I am sorry to say.

Unfortunately, it generally won’t matter what Funcom does to punish the griefers. They will simply make new accounts and be back in the action. A well known Barb/HoX briefer just did this with a DT very recently after they were banned for kicking people from minis.

The only way for people to solve this issue is to step up and start using tournament mode to exclude these players. It just takes a lot of coordination in comparison to clicking “sign up”

Im working on a website right now which I hope can address some of the issues pvp has atm.

  1. Proper matchmaking (both teams have a healer)
  2. MMR (lets make these matches as balanced as possible)
  3. Voice chat (you can learn a lot from hearing how other players see the game and situations)
  4. Statistics (this would just be cool to see, how well do I do when x player is grouped with y player, etc.)
  5. Vote Kick / Reporting

I hope to have something for everyone to try out by mid september.



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Nice to see you following these forums so closely still after throwing us away.

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You got it twisted bro. i was the one thrown away

I used to love doing minis back in the days. Now when I have returned and starting up new toons I quickly realised that I will never do one. Not only is the gap between me and everyone else to big. I am being actively discuraged to even try any kind of pvp. There are new people coming to this game and you do not cater to them. Yes PVP is dying since you people do not let any fresh blood in.

You are judging and blaming veryone based on 1 or 2 asshoIes.

  • I am actively encouraging you to try a different kind of pvp with us. This project is intended to include everyone. Please review the link below and I would appreciate your positive feedback. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
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