Tournament mode minis- an open challenge

Hey big boys,

Putting out an open challenge to all “PvP guilds” (even the botters over at Night’s Watch) that Straight outta Khopshef is ready to send everyone straight back to the Rez pad in any tournament mode mini games.

Get your ■■■■■ out of your PvE dungeons and take your 6 man and sign up for Tournament Mode!

AOC premade minis were the lifeblood of the Tyranny server, with Usual Suspect’s and carnage premades duking it out constantly for rights to trash talk each other. It’s some of the most fun you can have in this game.

If nobody is willing to sign up with their groups, we’re willing to do training sessions where our 6 members create two teams, 3 Khopshef boys on each team, and help you all get the basics of team play PvP down. I’ll be gauging interest based on replies to this thread, so post replies if this sounds fun.


Those Khopshef boys are pretty strong.


I’ll sign on as a ringer.

Seeing that golden earring from a distance would make my day.



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I guess they’ve all maxed out that Quick Steps AA for PvP evasion

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How did that match go by the way? I couldn’t go, wife aggro…:smirk:

they had Ptah in grp,what do u expect?)

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Although I didn’t see it, the game with Ptah and the afk pug ranger didn’t go so well, but the one after was a nice win.

Unforntunately since then no other guild has taken the challenge and we’ve been queued for tournament mode for HOURS. How shameful.

LoL, I asked you several times about premade,you declined,try to log in EU prime otherwise you`ll have “wins” against prince army

I guess i have to enlighten your folks an obvious thing. There are no population at usa prime time, so your queueing for hours not gonna change that.

If you truly want premade, u gotta log when the rest of ppl playing. But i feel this topic was just a shout into the wind.

funny, we see groups of 6 all the time from Nights Watch and Dead Mans Shore. However, we have real jobs, so sorry my dude, can’t accomodate you europeans (just like IRL, europeans demanding to be accomodated without giving anything back in return ). if you are truly man enough to premade us, work with us to find a timeslot we can both make. Don’t just demand us to get on at 2 AM on weekdays.


That’s precisely what you are doing, not to mention the fact that at 2am your time is like 10am for us and we are already at work so that could never be the case.
Anyway, lets work together, whats the earliest time you guys can have a proper group of 6 on weekdays/weekends?

We’re asking to premade the people online when we play. Also we don’t even have 6 members, we just grab randoms on global.

Considering we see groups of dms, blr, usb and others all the time, I’m sure people could do it.

When elevating a game into a competitive level attention must be paid towards the mechanics of said game and how balanced it is to make sure that one side does not have an unfair advantage over the other.

AOC has a balance, it isn’t perfect, but it is there, mainly in small scale 6v6 group pvp. A balance that will never be achieved in duels. This is largely due to the many differences displayed by all the classes. When participating in duels there will always be the classes that reign supremee. Then there are the rest that play a game of rock, paper, scissors where you are the rock looking to battle the scissors, but always avoiding the paper, for the obvious reason that defeat is near guaranteed by the hands of any moderately skill player.

For this reason duels will never be competitive. Merely a distraction, and a hollow pursuit by those feigning it as a final arbiter of skill in Age of Conan.

So comes to the issue of premades and balance. AOC has the same flexibility that class based shooters have where guilds can run certain set ups based on their playstyle to create an optimal team. This combined with player skill creates the potential for a rich competitive enviroment, had we ever received Funcom support it would have been a boon to the pvp player base, bringing in a lot of new blood into the ageing game, sadly that was never the case.

Regardles we as a community have to come to a consensus on banning class stacking of certain types and more prevalently items. As we continue with premades we need to be honest with ourselves and those participating in coming with a consensus on class limits. That is one that will constantly ebb and flow as the meta changes. A meta that admittedly has grown stagnant due to the lack of developer efforts. Yet still a meta is there. The competitive spirit will bring out the best in people. I will remain an optimist on that regard.

We can begin this dialogue with the most prevalent issue I have noticed in pvp in Age of Conan. And that is the four hour pots found in store and in rare loot chest. A clear and present edge given to any player that uses it. I motion that it should be banned in the premade scene. But we as a community must agree to this.


People don’t want to do it because they’re lazy, and because the lack of people wanting to do competitive pvp in a 10 year old game is very slim.

come on man, I was offering you premade in US prime (like from 3am to 6am for EU) 2 days in a row(when we had weekend), and what was your answer?)) That`s just shout into the wind as North said. You always have grp on fest,but once I asked you about premade,your answer is “we are only 3”, just rename your guild to Straight of Excuses and stop being so arrogant please

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Can you guys please stop contradicting each other?

Stygga created this thread to “challenge” other guilds in premades, but you, his guild mate, just informed us that you don’t even have 6 players to do so? Grabbing randoms on global is not exactly a premade, and how does that connect to the following “invitation” exactly?

On top of that, I asked what is the earliest time you guys can have a group, in response to this phrase :

Your reply was at the best case vague.

Is this thread even serious at the slightest?

US premade be like