Novice PvP Premades

I’ve been working with some guild mates and friends on trying to run some Novice PvP Premades on Crom and would like to know if there is any interest out there?

I am still putting together details, but it will be designed for Level 80s, with a PvP level 3 or less. If we can get 12 people together, we will hopefully run some premade mini games without being farmed or focused by experienced PvPers. This way, people can learn in a relaxed, but still competitive environment.

There will be some rules that will apply and details to come later. For now, just reply here or in game to Jarafin or Suaraj if there is any interest. Thanks!

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Great Idea!!! Keep it up…

Just want to update, seems like there is some interest so I will be moving forward with this idea, more details to come here and ingame . Thanks :smiley:
(Edit I will be using one of my alts ingame- Suaraj)