Friday Night PUB Premades!


Hey all!

Gauging interest for PUB premades tomorrow night at around 7 PM PST. Please leave a comment if you’d like to join, or if the time doesn’t work and you’re interested, leave a time range that will work for you!

What are pub premades?
A pub premade is a term we coined for getting 12 players together in a raid, trying to make the teams as balanced as possible, and then signing up in tournament mode with each team. Discord is required!

Why should I participate?
While it’s true there’s no direct reward like tokens or gold or faction, Pub premades are a great way to practice and gain exposure to organized group PvP. It allows players to practice in an environment where others can easily give tips and explanations, as well as understand fundamentals of group PvP.

If we get enough interest (4 groups) we could even do little tournaments!


Gotta check what time that is local for me, but if its in evening i Will join! Great initiative

Edit: just checked and thats 4 at night for me so not gonna happen haha. But hope you can get some nice groups


I wanna do mixed premades again on Crom lots of good players back online its lots of fun better than pugs


If I were in town, I would give it a thought. It sounds like a nice idea…and I hope that the more skilled pros will give provide tips and guidance, not just stomp those of us who are still learning PvP.


Count me in


It’s a good idea, as long as it is not set up some that one team is declared the winner and the other team afks and/or the mini is signed with a couple that drops out leaving the unsuspecting to be in a pre-determined mini. Not saying you but I’ve experienced this setup before. Good luck!


Hi Jarafin,

Your concern is noted. However, we have done these before and always do our best to have the teams as close to balanced as possible. If after 1 game there is a clear imbalance, we always try to switch it up after. The goal is mini games where each team has a good chance of winning, not stomps.

I’m trying to get these set up because oftentimes the pug mini games on saga are horribly balanced with a bunch of new players on one team and nothing but pvp10s on the other. Simply put, that situation is not fun for either team.

The other goal is to help newer players understand the goals of their respective classes in a minigame while also giving general gameplay tips :slight_smile:


we did quite a bit of these couple of years ago…

only time we had real issues to balance, even with many attempts was when there was a very impactful/skilled PoM in one team, but not one available for the other.

we banned 12 sec hox dot rune + exile rune. felt needed :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Etch was telling us about that HoX DoT. Luckily, it’s not common on Saga, and got nerfed hard. Same with exile rune!


Empire of stygia is always down.

Gf wants to go eat now however I’ll try to log in and organize


thanks for coming out and doing these friday everybody! was a lot of fun :slight_smile:


So how many ppl showed?


We had a full 12 and had some new bloods who never experienced mini games with people working together before. We’ll be doing more of these in the future.


Sounds Good. To bad not more ppl could attend . But i guess it was US prime time?


A lot of it has to do with NA prime time. A lot of the players that push for competitive mini games are NA players. I do want to have more community driven events that promotes open world pvp in non-standard zones. I will speak to some of the guild leaders and make a post about it


The main problem we had was we had 3 healers total so one team always got stuck with a single healer. Games were fun with a lot of back and forth anyways, but we all wished we could’ve given each team the standard 2 healer composition!


I am glad to hear that it worked out…


we did more of these tonight. lots of fun!


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Gimme tell Stygga, Im in for sure if Im online and have time :wink: