PUG Premades day on Fury

Fury has RF day every Monday. Every citizen of Fury knows this, and therefore there are enough players online for several RF runs.

I’d like to propose a fixed PUG premade day. On premade day (evening) we will make a group(s) of 12 players, get on discord and balance the groups before the mini starts.

All players (lvl 80)are welcome, no matter pvp level or skill level. Just make sure you can log onto discord.

Just have to decide on a good day to plan these events. I’ll make a pol below (based on my availability)

Time would be EU time (CEST) 19:00.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saterday
  • Sunday

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I appreciate the initiative on community driven content but at this stage in the game I feel like this would need to happen on crom.

Can I suggest that you edit your post to give a specific time zone and time range that you are thinking of. That way if it’s going to be European evening or USA evenings the playerbase can vote more informed.
Of course it would be great if there would be sufficient interest for premades to run in the evening times of multiple time zones.


All my toons are on fury, however feel free to take the same initiative for crom

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Good point, added.

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I’ve seen more pug premades happen on fury lately than on crom. There’s a lot of people on fury who like to do these premades, this would just be a way to schedule them so they are less spontaneous. This doesn’t need to include crom

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1900 CEST is 1pm est and 10am PST for those who dont know the conversions. This would essentially exclude any NA players if it were scheduled on any other day but Saturday or Sunday considering most people have jobs. Consider this when casting a vote people.


Guys, i think a lot of pvp players after end of tournament will transfer their mains on Crom. I’m gonna do it, because all time desert on fury. So, much easier make pug premades on Crom. I’ll be glad to participate :hugs:

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Ok let’s be even more clear. This thread is about pug mini premades on FURY.

All are free to organize the same on crom, but let’s not make this an advertising thread for crom. Please stick to the topic.

Pug premades already happen on fury. This is just about scheduling them. This only makes life better for the existing community on fury. I don’t understand being opposed to furyans scheduling things for themselves…

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Sunday it is. For tonight 21:30 CEST? ( I’m home late today :frowning: )

I plan to keep Ptah on fury to support.

Nice! Thanks ptah

Is that because you keep getting banned on crom? You should take trolling lessons… :upside_down_face:


I hear a certain level 50 DT gave you some nice trolling lessons.

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I got so many accounts it’s literally impossible to ban me.

But we all gotta go out somehow!

Premade tournament is over. Iets meet Sunday 8pm CEST (SUMMER TIME!) For some premades. All are welcome!