Tournament mode minis- an open challenge



4 tos 1 pom and a hox lmfao

Talk about aoe class stacking


I mean we agreed on a time Sunday and we played that was fine. But quite rough for your guys and I can tell it wasn’t really a proper premade team. Also, I heartily recommend starting to play flags. Even in those lowbie brackets tanks can be quite strong with crafted gear. And it will only get much worse at 80, it’s nice to at least permanently snare one tank on each side, IMO.

We (in Ivory but same story in NW) are a group of active players used to playing with each other so if you want to premade us you should probably make sure you have at least 6-7 reliable players before challenging us the way you did :stuck_out_tongue:

We can always arrange friendly mixed premades though. But that’s not what you asked for in this thread.


Our fellow americans put themselves into the corner. This feels deja vu all over again. Guys, less chest pounding, more humbleness. Specially when you can’t back it up.


If I undrestood u right, you are from IT so my message wasn`t addressed to you,because we played premades vs IT even when you had rly bad class set-up. All I wanted to say: US guys should be less arrogant when they decline premades)


It’s ok I was replying to the US guys :stuck_out_tongue:



Please reread the initial post. It is true I was using an adversarial tone for the first two paragraphs in order to grab attention and gain interest in the post. There is nothing like calling people bad PvErs to get them to actually play against you.

However, if you had taken the time to read the last two paragraphs, I believe I made it fairly obvious that we are just trying to get some organized 6v6 PvP going, regardless of who’s on what team. The point is to create a dynamic that is similar to what we experienced back in the day- where groups would fight 6v6 in at least a semi- competent manner.

I have never declined to premade. I have told people that we only have 2 or 3 on and that we would pick up others from global.

This game has a beautiful 6v6 balance and the purpose of this thread is simply to inspire competition at that level and share the fun of working as a team to win organized mini games.


hope more guys would hold your mentality, also in open world PvP and festivals - more organized

so many guilds I thought would be able to pose threats, but turns out they’re all solo grinders. sadly.


Technically speaking the Empire of stygia did take the challenge

We even got 1 kill

Funny thing about this conversation is EOS can get a premade 24/7 it had nothing to do with Pop…it has every thing to do with fear.

People prefer soft targets

Oh and USA times are hardly dead.

I actually find USA time more competitive because it’s just us and BLR usually. Maybe sleves popping out of hide from time to time.

Last night’s battles in Kheshetta were hella fun.


Ready to premade anytime w you boyz


There’s no shame in defeat. There is shame in pretending to be a good pvper on the forums while sitting on the Rez pad throwing a hissy fit about how you got discord muted.

I don’t understand all the hate EOS gets. They’re literally the only people we see fighting in PvP zones. Sure they’re big, but there’s a lot of new or up and coming players in it. They’re also some of the only people I see continue to try and win after getting wiped. They have the fighting spirit.

EOS also has some pretty decent PvPers in it as well. Off the top of my head, Excuceveira, Emsor, Goksin all do well in minis, and more that I can’t remember right now. They even have Easyclass. I hear he was pretty good back in the day.

We would LOVE to see a BLR premade. I know BLR constantly runs 6 mans, so you all have the people. Why not take your 6 man and issue a premade challenge?


We’re getting several flags from this topic. Please keep the conversation civil or we’ll have to close it.


I dont know why,but it seems topic starter doesnt want to show you how the challenge is going,so I will do it :slight_smile:


Round 2 went differently at 80


lol it wasn`t vs NW premade xD


This response was expected and gave me an intense blast of nostalgia XD