PvP friend sign ups


Hell yea! I am not playing but when i come back, this is what i want =)


Totem Torrent is a map designed for structured pvp, it wouldn’t bother anyone if it was permanently open to all kind of signup in default mode. It will not solve what was ignored since a decade though.


Pug minis disaster, because plainly speaking algorithm sucks, if we dont count social aspect. Algorithm too simple and stupid, it should have been POLISHED way better. Match shouldnt start if only 1 team has healer/soldier. Current algorithm doesnt even take any feedback if some player cancels invite to mini (have fun playing 2 healers vs 0). Balance should be adjusted with players pvp level and win/lose ratio. At same time could have implemented some interesting leaderboards, which actually represented pvp statistics, not the trash renown system.
Alongside introduced tournament mode was disaster aswell, because it’s too much trouble to organize and hell of a timesink. I bet ordinary pvper wants to log in, invite few mate and go to mini instantly without any hassle.
So im voting for sign up with few mate, but on condition that balance algorithm is made better, cuz im already imagining how it gets worse. Yes, there always can be worse…


I agree with What Norther says =)


So… anyone here likes when one team has necro + x2 heals, and other team has no heals. I just love being in combat for 20 minutes straight without being able to rest


Delred, I didn’t know a mini game was a place to go rest.


Yea I’m not sure what @delred was trying to say there either…


Think he was trying to link into Northers post with the poor mini game algorithm possibly ? As clearly its a balance comment from what he said. Seeing a lot of positive feed back here though , looking at the votes its pretty clear what the pvp player base wishes for…


He wants to say what happens if two healers and one necro team up constantly. The dots would make you unable to rest, the two healers would constantly keep the opposite team alive.

Of course there would be strong options to team up. But as someone stated earlier in this thread: You and the average noob have the same chance to get on the team with those trios/duos. And most of the times those dous/trios will not be some op überplayer, but just friends who want to play together.

From my noobpointofview I even see pro-teams as a good thing: People who put time and effort into building a strong trio, going on vc, choosing characters that support each other, meet up for playing together etc. will not stop their will to win when the mini pops. They will try to LEAD their team to win, meaning they will be forced to kind of teach and give orders to their team. And this will encourage the other players to play more organized, too.


We got to remember also that this would be an incentive to play better. Say you have that team of 2 healers and a necro dominating minis, then if you are not stupid you try to gather up a group to cope with that. You dont only need to play with you bestest of friends, but you can also reach out to other players you have played 100 minis with but never talked to… And of course you succeed with beating the OP 2 heal + necro team, that feeling. This is something you can not do at the moment, think about what you are playing and try to counter others… We need this.


Solo player dont have the same chance to get on the team with op trios because there are only 3 open spots for the solo player in that team and 6 open spots in the other team. =》 the chance is 2 times bigger to get in the weak group.


True but they good make it so that 2 group sign ups start on opposite teams taking away that risk when more then one groyps sign up


Rambles post is on point about the desire for a “meta” and probability of less trolling around cause one will try harder with a mate on ones team.
Norther going emotional too, gg.


Yep I agree with Rambles post just group up with random other good players that you’ve played heaps of minis with that’s the best way to go hell most of my good friends don’t even play anymore but im sure people will want to group up with me since im mainly on bear these days lol


if there are 4 groups of 3 persons and 1 guy alone, that lonely warrior will never get a mini … or the mini will never start for anyone ?


Good question and something that should be addressed before implementation.


I dont see this as an issue , as long as the lone person is signed up he wont miss out , he can even just sign first available , mini sign ups are first come first serve so as long as he signs up before 13/12 its no different


there is an issue here. if everyone sign as trios you will need 3 solos before the mini pops for them. but people will sign duos too and it will resolve itself faster!


It isnt an issue , say you are a group of 6 in the pvp event , minis are at 7\12 if you sign as group leadup only 5/6 in your group get a mini pop , if a solo is signed up itll be no different one of the trios will only pop 2/3 for them , the extra person then becomes 1/12 for the next mini same as the system that is in place now.
The system dosnt have to priorities the group of 3 over the single just the order in Which solo/groups sign up.


if thats the case then! my bad. thought it was the other way around