10th Anniversary - What can we expect?


Something that will involve P2W.


I understand this and if the only hangup with vanity weapons is the animations of the power weapon and the vanity weapon need to be the same then just place the weapons into groups. I’m going to assume every single 1HE doesn’t have unique animations. So there are what 4, 5, or 6 different 1he animations based on weapon or whatever it may be. If this is the case only allow the player to equip a vanity weapon that matches the currently equiped power weapons animations. While I’m guessing this would take more work and coding than the team can do at this point so it’s not going to happen. But you can’t say it can’t be done, it just won’t be.


Nobody said it can’t be done.

Several people (including me) said that Funcom can’t do it, mostly because they don’t have the man-hours needed.


gift gift gift!
remember last year you gave us (and I even missed it) a lvl 80, now is 10th anniversary what about a free pvp lvl 10 (*kidding) cmon gogogo make us happy!


Any hint on what will happen then?


so since the annual subscription mount offer is over, and since we will (hopefully) have new players coming over from Saga…are you going to have a new annual subscription offer for the anniversary?

Or some sort of quest/reward/something?

I know Exiles is the new thing, but you have a lot of people who have stuck by AOC for years…please consider showing some anniversary cheer for all of us



The membership offer is over?
Hm, I can not find it in my account anymore…
It is not the 15 May yet…


We will get something that is for sure.

This is what they wrote in their latest email:

We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next, especially considering a certain game is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year…

So something is afoot


Offline Servers?! :smiley:


Never in a million years.

I’m guessing they announce the next Saga Server.



Different Daily Login Bonuses with day 14 being a new lion mount, a raid box that you can open after doing a RF, Saga items including the T1 armor box in the In game store free along with a crit potion and double XP & AA potion also free. Granted not much use if you only have lvl 80’s, but some good stuff if not all your characters are max’d out.

Pretty good if you ask me.




Im not disappointed but not even completely happy cause Im lazy you can have these rewards only if you sweat and fight for it pure Conan style
can i collect the boxes and doing rf to open it all or i can open 1 wth 1 rf?
nice one the lion i really want it


Why do you say that? My account is free and I’m getting everything a sub’d player is.


It was Utogi the troll, he wanted to delete his account now it’s renamed and got no profile picture. He is trolling for weeks now.


How about giving subscribers veteran tokens again? The shop has a lot of paths that would be great for those who subbed after the veteran tokens were taken out.

I would like to be able to get the whole set: main hubs and the paths: its a lot easier to get around that way