12 year anniversary date?

Hello. Are there any information about 12 year anniverasry event? Will it be? When it will be?

I have heard many rumors, one I hope is May 9. But I cannot confirm anything.

Yes Funcom/Tencent! Let’s get the subs rolling!

With all the payment issues that pop up here for months now, I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would risk getting in trouble due to failed payments.
Funcom needs to fix this but surprisingly that doesn’t seem to be of priority.

On topic: I believe last year’s event started on the May 9th. Likely next week then.

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[NA] May 20, 2008
[EU] May 23, 2008

Still time…

Every single year people are speculating and make up rumors of what day it will start. Keep calm, you will have your same old stuff back in due time.

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Just hoping they keep up the momentum from onslaught and throw down some awesome anniversary specials, sub specials, something. Too good of an oportunity with more people home to pass up.

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Everyone would need to put in their failed payment tickets 2 months ago then so they can actually get those sub specials close to on time!


Early access was May 17 if I’m not mistaken.

Subs and account services definitely need a fix.

Two sites is too many.

Once again, make an item store box that contains sub that can be bought with Funcom points. I have no problem buying points through the old original site using my linked Steam account.

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9th may and still no events

Funcom guys~~~~~~~~

What on earth makes you think it will start today?


11yo anniversary started on may 9 and other too

We almost never get prior notice. So if it happens, it will be “Surprise, the event has started today!”

With the old Funcom, it would be a few days after it started that we got the posts/emails.

i wonder how company with such level of management and communication still lives…

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Perhaps they listened to the feedback, that is was a bad move to start the anniversary events befor the actuall anniversary. Every time they started it early people complained they came back to take a look at the game around the 17-23 May, only to learn the events just ended.

I thought maybe 9 May, until I realized it is the weekend. So I think not much will happen until Monday or perhaps later. Every year we go through this, every Halloween too.

It will come, even if we have to nudge AndyB a little. :grinning:

kill 1 million onslaught bosses event incoming I bet :smiley:

Gib shards :adnyplz: