12 year anniversary date?

Nah, shards are outdated, relics are on top now :ok_hand:t2::joy:

I’d be a sad boy if the shard login reward got replaced by pve-only relics.


part 2



Maybe while they are fixing the weapons with the hotfix we’ll get the anniversary event at same time.

still no event thou





Please, no free items (log-in or otherwise). Participation awards are for the ADHD generation. As an anniversary, let our community flourish and shut down RF, WB, and OS for a fortnight (or, better, forever) so that we can focus on real content instead.

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yes for the anniversary let’s remove valid content from the game. that sounds like a reasonable request.

instead of adding a catch-up mechanic for the anniversary, instead, let’s remove any hope for players of attaining atlantean shards so that only people who have them currently will ever have them.

while we’re at it, let’s remove t1-t6 and shut down crom as well, delete everybody’s characters, and force everyone to pvp and play the game how I want them to, as I am the cream of the crop, the big kahuna, large and in charge, and my opinion trumps all. Dissention will not be tolerated, or I will call you bad and make fun of you.


I would have worded it differently (I did start writting), but…

My thoughts exactly
To add, if RF, WB, OS were removed, players would not automatically sign up for other dungeons simply because there was nothing else remaining. They would most likely leave the game. There are a lot of other video games out there.

An incentive to queue for older content would solve the lack of participation, or so I believe. shards seem as good of an idea as any.


I suspect that a majority of those who spend all day farming WB or RF are solo players who have no intention to partake in real group content.


the big kahuna… :joy:

I don’t think we get anything special for the anniversary except for the login/doubleshards and/or onslaught relics.

But what i would really love funcom to do is to revamp all raids below t4 and all dungeons.

My Idea:
1 type of token for T1 to T4 and for all dungeons, for example shards in addition to normal loot, HM tokens/raretokens which drop in the raids and dungeons are exchanged to the new tokentype.
They drop per boss and the amount is according to the difficulty of the bosstier. (Raidbosses drop more than dungeonbosses, T2 more than T1 etc.)
All buyable things from the now existing tokens are migrated to the new tokensystem. So you can either spent them on gear or pets or vanity or potions.

So you could do any of the content which is left behind since RF and get tokens which you can spend on useful things. You don’t have to go to T1 or T3 hundreds of times if you dont like it, but still buy the pets/gear while doing other content you enjoy more. You can buy your crit potions after finishing your raid and dont have to grind hm tokens extra.

Most people dont do the content anymore because its easier, faster and more efficient to do RF + T3.5 and T4 or get carried throught T5 and T6.

They won’t do it, but as this seems to be a fictional topic, i think it fits here :slight_smile:

I will let you know that hugging walls is a very useful talent toi have. (the toi is intentional)

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I even remember some polish guy failing the wall hugging job because he spoiled his bear all over the keyboard,so that job isn`t easy either!

I hope they dont take our wall away :frowning:

God forbid we have to do things for our gear…

Oh, still nothing???

Today or tomorrow. 19th is the day.


Do not underestimate Funcom, they tend to announce things earlier and tuesday is the best day! :stuck_out_tongue: