Age of Conan 14th Anniversary Event

When to start if starting this year?

I wouldn’t expect an answer from Funcom.
There was no fix day for the start of the event in the previous years, therefore we can just wait and see what happens.
Starting days of the previous years were:
2018 may 16th
2019 may 9th
2020 may 19th
2021 may 13th


This years event consists of

  • the same mount as the last two years
  • daily login rewards (the same as the last few years)
  • No conquers buff because its still broken
  • no other fixes

Please NO! Another COPY & PASTE event?’ :frowning:

Would help if they had any customer service to begin with…just had to get the refund from PayPal through the resolution centre after 7 days of a “billing” ticket being ignored.

Absolute joke of a company.

Joke is on you ,you are still subbing,or well, trying to .Not very SOUND !trololol,i am off again.

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Would you please have some information about the annual event?
@AndyB :slight_smile:

So, maybe next week? :frowning:

push, want some shards ^^

There is no event this year :slight_smile:

Wow, why?

Because they put these “switch on/off” events in the game but there is no one there to use the switch !

And do you have official information from FC?
Sometimes they didn’t start 13th.

2018 may 16th
2020 may 19th

Any information @AndyB ?

Take is easy guyz… there no event for this year! Say goodbye to your double shards…
You can always buy them from the Shop for a reasonable price ^^

Yeah! You can always buy insanely overpriced stuff in a silly set-up shop… Cool!

Gib Sharks pls :v:

it 15th of May and still no info @AndyB

For me it’s 18. of May :slight_smile: