X-Mas is coming soon :))

Hello @AndyB :slight_smile:

Is there any news about fixing the mechanics behind the events? Would be very sad if there won’t be a X-Mas event this Year again.

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Age of Conan has no developers, there are no plans for any new content, or events in the future.

They don’t even turn off the halloween npcs :smiley:

Halloween event will likely be turned off with the next server restart. just like it needed such a restart to be turned on.

Nope. Its just already on for 2023.

Any news @AndyB ?

For me the solstice-qs are active. Just check your claims for the misplaced gift.

was/is buggy for me on 1 toon telling me that I already did that q and can’t do it again, but on other toons it worked, no matter if I did it in previous years or not.

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