Winter Event - December 2023

Hello @Funcom_Community are there any plans for a winter event in Age of Conan this year (sales, shards, rewards?)


Good one :joy: :joy: :joy:

That would be great, but ■■■■■■■ doesn’t give a s**t about AoC… @AndyB right?!

At a minimum, we were expecting for Funcom to activate the same Midwinter quest they activate for every Christmas - you know, the one that starts with the “misplaced gift” in claims. But currently what we have is the first Christmas without any event. That can’t be intentional, so Funcom please just switch that automated script on.

The current state of seasonal events in AOC is that the Anniversary quest has been left on since spring, and the Halloween quests have been left on since October. So, the two events that should be off this time of the year are on, while the one event that should be on is off.

It kind of makes sense to leave event quests permanently on, if Funcom can’t bother to turn automated scripts on and off anymore - but then at least be consistent about it and turn on the Christmas quest also…

Not that the current state of affairs is the result of any plan, just a consequence of accident and neglect. Forgetting an event entirely just signals that AOC has slipped from “maintenance mode” to neglect mode.

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