AoC winter event?

I’m looking forward to the Christmas event.
I would also welcome discounts and some bonuses

Or did FC definitively bury the AOC?

So @AndyB? :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all :slight_smile:
Perhaps even with a better year for AoC

Item Store currently has discounted items



YES… it is a shame on their heads

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Well really! Why are they trying to discourage players from AOC ??? No events, winter quest doesnt work, no shard bomb in apology of broken mechanics !!! Whose f-ing idea is it to behave like this towards AOС and players ??? I am sure it is management policy, but i dont understand - WHY ???

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Truth-maker !!! A person (0Outcast) who gave up in HIS hope and attachment to a good game (with bad service - this is a human factor), and it seems by his appearance on this forum and the answer now, he sits on his fifth point evenly and tears his hair, because he wants to play, but he can’t, because he gave up and left the project ! And out of annoyance with himself and the situation says - you are all fools ! Well done, fine fellow !!!


Honestly i wouldn’t redownload and remake a Character in AoC and level it and redo the Dungeons and redo the Raids and redo everything even if you payed me.
I even deleted almost accomplished characters just like that. It really meant nothing to me.
We all know the problems of AoC funcom would never fix so i just said one day ‘‘Enough’’

Why did i came here now?

I had this brilliant idea today to check out how the SUPER 2021 WINTER EVENT in AoC goes.
If a Saga Server was announced or if they even gave you a Shard Shower or something or a serious reward for Supporting them so many years or if Santa Claus is real.

I came here to see when the Lights will finally go out so i can laugh in Irony even more because there is Truth to what you say but AoC died for me some time ago and yes it sucks…

Well not all players pay dor dead game. many of us still waiting for FC to wake up and do something about AoC

Hope dies last :slight_smile:

You can always ask them in twitter why community managers dont do their job and dont announce anything here

I think Andy is reading here all the posts, but he can still do nothing for us because the company is not longer interested in AoC. The only thing I really can’t understand is: The event is coming every xmas, so they could even do their job months before after the anniversary event even failed too. There was enaugh time to do something. But like I wrote before, there is nobody left who cares about AoC.

If we were enaugh players left we could try to send a petition directly to Tencent, maybe anyone there cares about paying players. At least they should… But maybe 200 players left in AoC is by far not enaugh, to make a difference.

If we going ever to make a petition - i will take a part !

better find streamer with big community who can hype this question and FC will be forced to answer

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Noone should feed dead pigs.

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It’s funny and sad same time situation, moderators and game masters do not respond to community posts on this forum - they do not answer ANYTHING to questions, do not participate in discussions, and this is simply impolite of them (or they behave like naughty stupid little children - they think that ignoring problems will solve them ))) Also, the question about sagas and events for the fete days is OPEN !!! How and when will FC compensate for subscribers, that content we did not receive? (part of the paid service, to some extent, nevertheless …)

How and when will FC compensate for subscribers, that content we did not receive ???

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You see? The SILENCE of the lambs (silly little dastardly ones):)) For one day yet…

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I think that’s unfair, Andy basically helps out where he can under his own volition.

At the end of the day, we know the games isn’t assigned to anyone to develop or maintain. I doubt anyone but the CEO even knows how the code works without turning the skies black and the rain to acid…

So just accept it for what it is :stuck_out_tongue: a place to meet old friends once a week and roll on some loot.

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