Spoils of Victory - Please add

Hi Funcom / @AndyB

Is there any reason an event from last year has the Spoils of Victory, but this year doesn’t?

It seems a waste to provide a conqueror’s buff without adding part of the event people want?

12th Anniversary Event: May 19 - June 9 | Age of Conan | Funcom
Celebrating 11 YEARS of Age of Conan | Age of Conan | Funcom
Celebrating 10 YEARS of Age of Conan | Age of Conan | Funcom

Could you please add this to this years event, like every anniversary previously?


Hyak ~ Man of the People

I sign under @Hyak 's words. Add them!

We have no plans to add a Spoils of Victory for this year, I apologize.

How bout 1200 shards on claim again for the misunderstanding?


I sign for this aswell add spoils of victory or your a bunch of criminals Funcom points have gone up in price aswell it was £84 for 12000 now its £88 …criminals

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Thanks for the quick answer, Andy.

And do you have any plans for AoC at all? Just out of curiosity :upside_down_face:


I bet u are just not able to add them, the same thing like the T2 RF that doesn’t work since the last event. There is no one left in the company, who has any idea how to do it :wink:

Same thing like the failed payments every Day…

And many, many other issues in the game.

I highly doubt there are any plans for AoC as the Devs and Upper management are milking the RP community from Exiles.

@AndyB is just holding down the fort and doing the little he can for us. I imagine the apology he wrote was him just falling on his sword for the company :stuck_out_tongue: You’re appreciated mate!

Any plans at the very least to add more reliable sources for these Atlantean Shards? My suggestion would be a set amount of shards for every month of premium membership. The amount of time it will take for a new player get any sufficient amount at this very moment will take beyond 3/4 years wich is beyond absurd. This current event isn’t being very generous to say the least…

Im not angry but im sad and disappointed.
I mean… whats the point of removing them from the event? They just would make the players happy and funcom would lose nothing. And now… the players are pissed and even lost more trust in funcom. I dont get it.

I made a subscription few days ago because i thought we are getting the same daily chests with the annyversary as usually. At least the payment worked, lol :see_no_evil:


Yeah I share the exact same sentiment, completely agreed its dissapointing.

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Most disappointint indeed.

But the puzzling question is why the Spoils of Victory were removed?
It can’t have been out of sheer laziness/lack of resources. If that was the case the easiest thing would have been to just leave the spoils there like in previous anniversaries.
No, somebody at Funcom must have gone to the trouble of deliberately removing them from the daily rewards, but why?


@AndyB any chance you could ask the higher ups at Funcom and reconsider this?

You’ve added the spoils for the last three years or more, every anniversary, communicated that it would be this year and then backtracked.


I’m really pissed off this time. I always supported the game by subscribing and buying stuff in the shop. But this was the last time for me I spent money to a company that does really nothing for their playerbase.

The point is I really can’t understand why it seems to be so hard, to give us at least the 1200 shards like the last time.

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Probably would have been better to just skip the event rather than slap your customer in the face like this. The event is worth almost nothing as is.


I want to buy sub, but price is too expensive and problems with frozen account after payment… .Why FC can give us sales for sub?

Agreed. Even reused assets would be better than giving players nothing.