No big boxes in daily anniversary rewards!

As I said, no big boxes with shards and other goodies with login rewards for anniversary event. @AndyB clarification needed - is it a bug or it was intended?

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Sorry, I feel like a total butt here, but that’s my mistake. I misspoke about the Spoils of Victory being available this year; they are not included in this year’s daily event login rewards. The buff will at least allow you to open any unopened Spoils of War from past events.

I’m so sorry for the confusion and for setting incorrect expectations.

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No worries Andy, we understand these things aren’t controlled by you - don’t be hard on yourself :joy:

How about a update for the game breaking issues listed months ago?

Also discount item store boxes



We’ve scheduled some sales in the ingame item store to go live in about an hour from now, through the rest of the anniversary event. This’ll include consumables, convenience items, and treasure chests, and hoards.

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Amazing thanks for everything you guys do to support the game.

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What a fecking joke …the only bit people where actually interested in there not having ??? There are just milking this cow for everything they can get (stop people gearing up quickly so they play for longer) and iam 100% positive they have lowered the drop chance of relics from shop box’s I buy about 20 a month always guaranteed dragon tear or shard of pure ice …last 3 months nothing and half usual relics …Funcom your a disgrace of a company :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Wow, Funcom literally takes our money and gives nothing back, and yet when you have a chance to cheer your already saddened community letting us get some nice stuff from spoils of Victory chests, you’ve decided instead to bend our backs over and infiltrate from behind. No offence guys, but when I thought you cant f**k things up even more you basically drop the microphone and Say “you better watch me”.

No more premium membership or buying boxes from you, you dont deserve it.


We no its not your fault Andy.
But as you see peeps will be upset, because the openning of the 'extra" boxes is the event for them.

Ofc i do not put the blame on him, his actions are limited to minimum by those who run the company


Thanks for clarification! And I don’t blame personally you, to be clear. But two question stand for me.

Having a double shards in RF is good, yes, but RF wasn’t even reset when the event started! What should do all those who have already done RF just yesterday, like me? Can Funcom please rotate a raidfinder every day of event, instead of just having it changed TWO TIMES during all event?

And that is not to mention the simple relics IV you could get from the Spoils of Victory in amounts enough to get several pieces of gear - and that emount was worth several years of grinding RF - now we don’t have those. Is Funcom going to do anything with this?

And those who run Funcom need pushed out by investors…because they are destroying the company ! …if they don’t add box’s this year i will never buy a single Funcom product again …this Dune mmo has no fecking hope with Funcom as it’s developer

We failed it again but we scheduled some sales in the item store. So u can give us ur at least some money for the mistakes we did :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Still can’t understand. Why it’s copy & paste event? Why FC cant give us sales? Or something… Better for 13th anniversary…

Two events in a row I got tricked…

Does this event give double shards?

It does, yes. But the guaranteed drop of shards is still from purple RF boxes as usual, and the RF WAS NOT RESET when the event kicked in.

Big shard bomb like in December?

Removing the spoils from the Halloween event was understandable in my opinion. But to remove it from the anniversary as well is just unnecessary. Spoil us once a year.
Please reconsider.